Monday, May 4, 2009

To binkie or not to binkie... and other randomnesses!

One of my biggest challenges is narrowing down the pictures I post to a reasonable number - we take SO many pictures, but I try not to post too many for the fear of boring our adoring readers. I'm afraid I didn't do a great job of that this time... or the kids are just being especially cute these days.
About a week ago, Lilly woke up and decided to give her binkie (which she only has during naps at home and bedtime) to Shyla (Kendra and Stevie's baby, who is due to be born in just over 3 weeks). We had a basket of shoes too small for Lilly going, and we had been talking about giving them to Shyla. So, Lilly put her binkie in the basket, and off we went about our day. That night, I was shocked that she didn't ask for her binkie... for the first time ever she slept without it.

The next night, however, she wanted it back. Two nights in a row after that = no binkie. Two nights in a row since then = binkie. The "let's get rid of the binkie" saga continues.

Next, just a cute pic of our two babies. Zac spends a lot of time on his belly these days, trying to crawl. He has recently become interested in toys, and in trying to get to them.
Here is Lilly enjoying peanut butter toast. Hearing a two year old say "peanut butter" is quite endearing. Almost as cute as "marshmellow."
Zac's all smiles in his swing. In the mornings after I feed him, he usually hangs out in his swing while I get Lilly up and dressed.
Lilly is still a little helper. This isn't a very flattering picture, but she was enjoying helping feed Zac.
Lilly is playing Scrabble here with Kendra and Stevie. If you look closely, her scrabble letters are actually animal crackers. Even with the cracker letter tiles, SHE did not lose...
Kendra's hand was actually worse...
On Sunday morning, we had a playdate with my friend Suzanne and her adorable son Soren. He's been on our blog a number of times! We decided to go to Lincoln park in the morning, before it got too hot. First, we took a walk around the park. Soren and Lilly were SO cute, greeting each other and talking like long lost friends. Soren was also pretty interested in Zac, which was cool.
After our walk, it was time to play! Lilly loved the swings - she sat in this kind and the "big kid" kind, and was all smiles!
She also loved the slides! What a smile!
Here is an action shot of Soren!
It was a fun morning! After Suzanne and Soren left, the kids and I walked around the softball fields, and Lilly got to cheer "go go go!" We plan on going again next weekend!
This morning I found Zac sleeping on his belly. They say babies should sleep on their backs, but I guess that's only until they can flip themselves over. Lilly has LOVED sleeping on her belly ever since she was able to roll over. Looks like Zac may be following in big sister's footsteps.
This was just tonight, when Lilly asked to hold Zac.
And brushing her teeth :)
And Zac... look at that tank!

Whew! Are you all exhausted yet? That's all for now.
I hope everyone is having a great week! This is Teacher Appreciation Week... so thank a teacher if you get a chance (no, not me... another teacher).


Suzanne said...

LOVE the great post! I also really like Lilly's dress in the last few photos. Think they make it in my size?

So the binkie saga continues....Soren has been "needing" his more lately too, like when he randomly sees it. This morning, I found it on the floor (which has been happening the last few days...hmmmm...he must be putting it there!) and I hid it so he wouldn't "need" it this morning. The things we do!

Natalie said...

You could have posted twice as many photos and this adoring reader would have still enjoyed the post. What's not to like about cute Yager kids?

I got really lucky and Spencer never took to a pacifier. Makes it easier to break the habit if there is no habit. If I could only get him to give up sleeping in our bed.......

Kendra Forgacs said...

That scrabble game was rigged! I, too, would enjoy even more photos of my niece and nephew! Shyla already appreciates the basket of goodies, I can tell!