Thursday, July 30, 2009

I'm a terrible daughter!

That's right... today is my mommy's birthday! We went to a very yummy dinner tonight. Here is a pic:

OH WAIT!! I forgot to bring my camera. I'm the worst!
That said... I love you mommy! Thanks for being the best, and showing me how to be a good mommy to my babies. A very, very happy birthday to you!

Also... I am behind on my posts. So, not only am I a terrible daughter, but I'm also a terrible blogger. Sorry!
Coming up soon - random pics of my mom to celebrate her birthday, random pics of the kids to celebrate their coolness, and random pics of Jeremy to celebrate his return from CA. He went to California for about 10 days to go to Pinecrest and hang with family and friends. I didn't post about him being gone because of the unlikely though certainly possible "creep-o factor." In other words, I didn't want the world to know that the man of the house was gone. Then again, at the rate Zac is growing he will be a pretty good protector very soon. But I digress. Anyhow, Jeremy is back and we are happy! He took lots of pictures in California, so we'll have to get them sorted and get some posted as well!
Until then... sorry! I don't even have the energy to find a cute clip-art. So... I'd like you to visualize some really cool pictures... enjoy!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mommy's job just got harder....

Zac is officially pulling himself up! Exciting right? Definitely! But, let's not forget that what goes up, must come down... sometimes very hard.
Zac has been trying to pull himself up for days. The only problem has been finding a piece of furnature that is low enough that he can reach, but sturdy enough to not pull over on himself. He's pulled over Lilly's little chairs numerous times. The couch is too high for him to reach (though if I lift him to it, he can hold on). This morning, he found Ginger's post. It is perfect for him. Look at how happy he is. I think this is the exact moment that he realized he could do it.

I actually took this picture thinking he was going to put his head in, and I'd save him from getting stuck, then I would blog about the time that Lilly got stuck in this exact post when she was probably about Zac's age. He did not go that route however... Look at the excitement as he makes that first big pull up...

Ta DA!!!!!
This is very fun and exciting. The problem is that here is no happy ending to this situation. Here are the possibilities:
1. Zac puts his feet IN the hole and falls backwards on his head.
2. Zac doesn't put his feet in the hole, but still falls backwards on his head.
3. Mommy congratulates Zac and picks him up, and he gets PISSED that he got picked up.
Option Number 3 is what has happened every time so far. I would prefer option 3 over the other two, but still... we're ending in tears. I did not take pictures of the tears.
Not to leave Lilly out, here she is in the middle of a "spin" the other night.

And my two angels getting ready for a walk this morning. The walk was a clever (?) way to distract Zac from his goal of falling on his head.
Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Whew! Finally!

Well it's about time I had a chance to post again!!! This was my first week with kids at work, and it has been GREAT! It has also, obviously, been very... VERY... busy. My schedule this year is different than it's been in the past, so it just takes me a little longer to do, well, anything. That, plus the normal "beginning of school year" excitement has made it difficult to get much blogging in!
But enough about me... let's get to the kids! They have been great this week (as always)! Unfortunately, I didn't take many pictures until this evening. I think I made up for it tonight though. After we got home, the kids played by themselves for a bit. Here is Lilly with her two bear-bears.
Meanwhile, Zac chewed on toys and drooled on himself. The poor kid must be teething again. Plus he has had a cold of some sort this week - lots of coughing and not sleeping as well as he usually does. Poor little guy! Today was better, so hopefully he's coming out of it.
Then, it was time for dinner. This might just be one of my favorite pictures of them together! I'm so glad I quietly grabbed the camera and got this shot!
And, this is after they realized I was taking their pictures!
After dinner... more playtime! Zac loves to play under his exersaucer. Random?
And one more sibling shot. So cute!
Zac went to bed a little early, which was nice because this morning I promised Lilly she could stay up "late" and we would read her Tinker Bell book. After Zac went to bed, Lilly and I did some spinning and laughing and playing, then got ready for bed, read Tinker Bell as promised, and she is off to dream land.
Now that the kids are in bed.... I think I have some work to do! ha! Happy weekend everyone!

Sunday, July 19, 2009


A great, big, ginormous happy birthday to my daddy today!
We had a great day with him, from start to finish. Here is his birthday cake - a "Blizzard cake" from Dairy Queen! Are these new? Because I hadn't heard about them until recently, and let me tell you they are De-lic-ious!

If you choose to enjoy a blizzard cake for one of your celebrations, please keep in mind that it is, well, ICE CREAM, and therefore probably shouldn't be left on the counter for too long! Hee hee hee! By the time we got to it, this is what it looked like. Still... De-lic-ious!

I'm going to back up and start at the beginning. My wonderful parents babysat both kids last night so I could go out with the girls! We went to Blanco for dinner, and had a great time! Here we are - Clockwise it is me, Rebecca, Kristen, Amy, Suzanne and Eileen! We had so much fun and it was so nice to sit back and relax with a yummy white peach and habiscus margarita (!), great friends and adult conversation.
We had decided it would be easiest for my parents to put the kids down to bed at their house, then I just headed over there after dinner. Surprisingly, Zac woke up in the middle of the night. When I went in to check on him, I found he had somehow pulled back the bottom pad of the portable crib and he was laying on the bars, understandably upset. Are babies supposed to be able to do this? Random! I obviously didn't take a picture at the time, but here is how the crib was left.

So, I of course freaked out and refused to put him back in the crib. Instead, he and I had a slumber party in the living room for the rest of the night.
Anhow, after that crisis, we woke up and it was grandpa's birthday! Lilly sang to him and we got all set and headed out to the zoo. Stevie and Kendra and Shyla met us there, and boy did we have fun! Grandpa and Lilly checking out the lions.
The Forgacs fam.
Grandma and grandpa with the three grandchildren. Is this the first pic of them with all 3 kids? Maybe not, but then again... maybe.
After the zoo, we headed to The Good Egg for breakfast.

Then, back to grandma and grandpa's house. Lilly refused to nap, which is very unlike her - she usually embraces her naps. She obviously knew best though, because she was hardly grumpy until the very end of the evening. Anyhow, instead of napping, she went swimming!

Zac, thankfully, did nap. But, he woke up just in time to hit the water too! He had SO much fun splashing like crazy!

Grandpa cooked up a yummy dinner, then it was time for presents!

It was during presents that the cake was sitting out for too long. Oh well, it was still, seriously, absolutely yummy!
After dessert, Kendra and Stevie decided to practice their part in Beth and Dave's wedding this Friday - they are the officiators! Here they are, practicing their parts.

Since it's my blog and I have the power, I'm leaving out the picture Kendra took of me standing with Bailey (the dog) pretending to be bride and groom. Especially since he eventually got bored and left me at the altar. ha ha ha.
Other fun facts from the day:
-My mom actually said, "Hey! I'm not the one who is two years older than I am." That made no sense.
-My mom also said, "Blow out the candles grandma!!" referring to my dad.
-Not to pick on mom too much... Stevie asked my mom if she knew what at aviator was. This was while she was in the AVIARY at the zoo. Big difference. Then again, Stevie once threatened to call the CPA on me for abusing my daughter (for the record, he was kidding - I don't abuse my kids. And, if I did, I hope someone would call CPS rather than the accountant).
Why am I picking on my fam? Because I can. And because they can take it. And because they would, and do, do the same to me. And because I love them.
A very happy birthday to Kimmie too! Her and my dad share a birthday, which is so cool! Her daughter Kaylie might just share a birthday with my mom too, later this month... stay tuned!
First day of school tomorrow... wish me luck.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dance party!

In our house, it sometimes becomes necessary to crank up the volume on the sterio (ok, the computer) and have a dance party! Last night was one of those times.
This is one of my favorite pics, because this is exactly how Lilly dances! She looks like she's just crouched down, but she bends her knees and swings her little arms back and forth... princeless!

Oh, and we can NOT forget about the necessary spins....

Even Zac and I got into it! He is one of my favorite dance partners!

Eventually, we have to take a break!

All that dancing really wears a kid out...

I challenge each of you (all, what, two of you! hee hee, just kidding... I think I have 3 or 4 regular readers) to have a dance party of your own! Enjoy!
Also, happy birthday to my (late) grandmother Helen Sonntag today. I love you, miss you, and know you're with me every day, casting "voo doo" on anyone who stands in my way :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

No title, just fun!

Boy my creative juices are not flowing tonight. But, I still have a few pics that I wanted to share! So... here we go.
Last Friday, I walked part of Sabino Canyon with my (from left to right) Gabi (with her son Dash), Kendra (with Shyla), and Kirsten. Such fun! This picture is super cheesy!
I jumped in the picture and we got a lot more subdued. We had such fun!
From time to time, my husband is a culinary genius. The other night he made lamb chops and green beans. We had a half of a loaf of french bread that was a little too hard to eat. I was getting ready to throw it out, when Jer's genius struck again. He turned it, tomatoes, green beans, capers, and peppers from the garden into a delicious panzanella! This picture does it no justice, but it was delicious, healthy, and a great use of veggies and stale bread!
On Sunday morning, Jeremy had to work so I took the kids to the zoo! We always have such fun! Here they are checking out the monkeys!
I love how excited Lilly gets about the animals.
We always feed the ducks. Sadly, there were only two ducks that wanted to eat. Jeremy said that he noticed the same thing the last time he took Lilly to the zoo. Do ducks not eat much breakfast? We tend to go in the mornings, so maybe that is why. Hee hee, it was still so much fun!
That's all for now! Have a great week everyone!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Young love!

One minute he's barely eating mashed veggies, and the next he's falling in love. Literally!

We went to our good friends Josh and Laura's house for dinner the other night. They have a beautiful baby girl, Sara, who is just over 2 months old. Zac LOVED her. He kept crawling on top of her and "kissing" her by putting his mouth on or near her. It was hysterical!

He was very happy to be around her!
Eventually, in order to give Sara a little peace, Laura put her in her bouncy chair. Zac didn't take the hint.

The funny thing is that Zac is around Shyla all the time, and he doesn't react this way. He obviously knows the difference between his cousin and a possible girlfriend!

Here is Laura with Sara! We are so happy for them!

Meanwhile, Lilly got to go swimming with Josh!
Thanks again to Josh, Laura and Sara for a yummy dinner and a very fun evening!

Moving on... there was a good storm last night! Lilly is getting into the monsoons just as much as her daddy is. Here they are checking it out!

And here is a pretty rainbow pic that Jer took tonight.
I have no idea why I took these next pictures, except that I have addiction issues with my camera. I moved into my new classroom this weekend. I am so excited about being at a brand new school with great technology. It's fun to have a brand new shiny classroom, and it's even better that I'm moving to the school with some close friends, including Suzanne & Kendra. We have to officially report back to work on Monday, but I've spent a lot of time there this week getting organized. These first two pictures were taken when I walked in on Monday.
And, a couple of "after" shots.
I'm not completely done, but at least it's a start.