Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lilly is sick and Zac is teething! Poor kids!

Poor Lilly is sick! Well, at "time of publication" of this post, she is getting better, but has had a rough couple days. It started yesterday morning while having "Park Time" (PT) with Suzanne and Soren. She was acting extra tired, and went downhill from there. I'll spare you all the gory details, but here is a pic of her this morning. She has been a trouper as far as being sick goes. She'll stay home from daycare and from swim lessons tomorrow, and hopefully continue on the road to recovery.

Zac, meanwhile, is teething. This picture has nothing to do with that though, it's just a cute sleeping picture. This evening has been his grumpiest ever... which really means he's cried, like, twice. We are so lucky to have such happy babies, and it just makes me sad when they are not feeling well. He is currently chewing on a cold washcloth and digesting his first ever dose of tylenol.
Lilly rediscovered her monkey backpack today, during a happy moment, and I thought it was cute so I took a picture.
My gerber baby!

Shyla and Zac napping together. Super cute!
I hope everyone has a great week!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Swim lessons and more!

We had swim lessons again today! This time, Jeremy was able to come with us and take some pictures. We need to work on getting Lilly to float on her back more, as the "safety position." She is no fishy yet, but she really enjoys it, and I love doing it with her.
This morning she woke up earlier than Zac, so she went with me to drop him off at daycare. Then we went to the store because she wanted bananas. I made her blueberry pancakes for breakfast, all trying to stall since swim lessons weren't until 9:30.
Finally it was time to go! And boy did we have a good time!

Here is a fun pic of me and my little man.

Lilly and Zac were totally playing and interacting this evening! This picture isn't great, but it reminds me of a time a couple of days ago, when Lilly was grumpy and just sitting watching cartoons, kind of quietly pouting. Zac had dropped his links (he was in his bumbo chair at the time), and was quietly looking at them longingly. PS how lucky am I that neither child was happy, yet I am able to use the adverb "quietly" for both of them?? Anyhow, grumpy Lilly looked at him and sighed, then stood up, got his links, shook them in front of him like she's seen me do until he grabbed them, then sat back down with his cartoons. I was so happy and proud of her for going out of her way to help him during a time when she was grumpy. She is two years old after all! I was so proud that I hugged her and thanked her, then took them both to the park (which, coincidently, helped with the grumpiness as well. But she earned it).

Tonight, Lilly was tickling Zac and he was looking at her and smiling and laughing! He was also reaching out, and I told Lilly that he was tickling her, and she was laughing. I looked at Jeremy and said "our kids are playing with each other." I am so hopeful that they are close as they grow up, and it seems like they already enjoy each other. He is constantly looking at her and smiling, and she loves to talk to him and play with him as much as he can. The sibling relationship can be so special and wonderful. It is no secret that Kendra and I are close, and it is so extraordinary to watch a sibling relationship develop from the very beginning.

Jeremy finally got to meet his niece today, when Kendra and Stevie dropped by between doctor appointments. Shyla is doing great and gaining good weight!

I love this picture of my sister with Shyla. Seriously... what is her leg doing?
And a close up view of the little angel.

Lilly is also practicing putting her own shoes on. Today she got both shoes on easily, and just needed help with the clasp! This morning, she even put one of her own socks on, and it just needed a little adjustment. Usually, she'll ask me to do it out of ease, but just recently she's showed interest in doing it herself. This evening she was also putting her shorts on and off in the bathroom, practicing what she needs to do to go potty. What a big girl!
I also very much enjoyed hanging out and cleaning the house with my husband today. Weird, huh? Jeremy had the day off and so we split up the chores, and he made us yummy toasted ham and cheese sandwiches for lunch. He also made us all a delicious dinner of steak kabobs. Yum!
My friend Karen had a baby boy yesterday! I haven't heard much, but both mommy and baby are doing well... congratulations to the Chung family!! They are in for quite an adventure!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What a great day!

Today was Lilly's first day of swim lessons, plus we had a playdate planned at Chuck E Cheese. I decided just to make it a whole day of "mommy and Lilly" fun! I took Zac to daycare (he and I will have our own days too, of course!) and got home before Lilly woke up (Jer was home, don't call CPS - or a CPA as Stevie would say).
After Lilly woke up, I made us breakfast of eggs and peanut butter toast. Here she is already being goofy!

After some playtime at home, it was time to get ready for swim lessons. Here is Lilly sporting her new swim suit.
Then we decided to take some pictures of us both, just for fun!
I love my girl!!
We got to swim school a little early, and after signing in and filling out the paperwork, we headed outside to wait for our lesson. We sat on the step and talked about how excited we were!
I don't have any pictures of the actual lesson, since it's a "mommy & me" style class, but it was awesome! There are a total of three kids with their moms in the class, plus our instructor. We sang some songs and splashed around to get comfortable, and worked on kicking and blowing bubbles, plus started learning to float on our backs. They even got to go down a little slide towards the end of the lesson. Lilly did great, and I can not wait until Friday for our next lesson. Plus, Jeremy will most likely go with us on Friday, so he can take some pictures!
After swim lessons, we headed over to Chuck E Cheese! Lilly was so excited to see her friend Soren, plus we got to meet a new friend, Conner and his mom Whitney. Lainey was also there with her 6 week old boy, Jake, and Becca was there with her boys - they are older, though I'm not sure of their exact ages.
The kids all had a blast, and us moms did too! Chuck E Cheese is cool because there is stuff for kids of many ages, so moms who have different aged kids get to hang out knowing that all the kids are entertained!
Lilly and Soren rode the helicopter!
Lilly loves this clock ride!
She also loves the Barney ride!
Lilly & Conner rode the firetruck about 100 times!
My social little girl had such a good time, and was SO good! We spent the ride home talking about our great day! We got home about an hour late for nap, which was fine. She told daddy all about her swim school and Chuck E Cheese, then went right down for a nap. Mommy went down for a nap then too!
After nap, Jeremy picked up Zac from school, and started making us dinner. I took the kids for a walk, and Lilly held Zac's hand. So cute!
Jeremy made a delicious dinner of bacon cheeseburgers with salad, and grilled peaches with ice cream for dessert. Yum!!
Here are a couple pics of Zac. This one is funny because he always now immediately rolls off the carpet and blanket. I turn around, and he's on the tile.
And this is just a fun smily one.
And, a few pics of when Lilly and Zac met Shyla the other day!
Today was such a great day! I am counting my blessings for sure...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Today is my mother-in-law's brithday!!
I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to you, Mary! We love you!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Welcome home Shyla!!

Shyla, Kendra and Stevie went home from the hospital yesterday! Those of us with kids know that now is when it gets tough for a while! But, they are strong as individuals and as a family, and they will get through the tough times! Here is Kendra and Shyla leaving the hospital.
Shyla's eyes!!
Here she is in her "going home" outfit, and her hat made by her great grandma Palmer!
And is there anything cutier (or scarier) than a brand new baby in a carseat? She looks so tiny! I guess that's because she is tiny!
They are beginning such an adventure!
Just a few shots of my kiddos... here is one of Zackary. Boy a lot can change in 5 months, huh? He was pretty close to Shyla's size when born (one oz bigger and one inch longer), and look at him now!And Zac playing with toys.
And don't even get me started on how much can change in a couple of years! Lilly actually watched a movie for the first time today! Well, she watched in about 15 minute increments, then would play for a while. She watches cartoons and other TV shows these days, but I've only once before actually put on a whole movie for her, and she wasn't terribly interested. Today we watched "Toy Story," and she was much more interested. Not something I would do every day, but it was kind of neat to see her get into it, plus it gave me some time to pick up and get a few things done around the house (in 15 minute increments, of course).
My mom took us shopping today to get stuff we need for swim lessons that start this week. We got Lilly a new swim suit and swim diapers, plus got me a swim suit (I still don't have the guts to actually try it on though! ugh!). In addition to a few other necessities, she bought Lilly a new nightgown. Here she is showing it off:
Princess, of course!!

That's all for now! Send some thoughts and prayers to Kendra, Stevie and Shyla, that they get as much sleep as possible during these very trying weeks!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Another post?!?

For anyone who doesn't check my blog daily, please know that there are lots of posts lately, so you may want to keep looking. Also, why don't you check my blog daily?!?
I ran a few favorites by Kendra and got permission to post them. I love love love this one of their happy, perfect family.

I also love love love this one! This is still in the OR, when Kendra and Shyla first "met." I'm going to quote Erin Burke, who said that one day Shyla will have this beautiful photo as a "momento of those first moments in this world with the person that created her... that is awesome."
I raced to the hospital after work again today (last day of school!!) to see the Forgacs clan for a little bit before picking up my babies. I actually got to see Shyla's eyes! She was back asleep by the time this picture was taken, but how cute is her little hat with the bow?!?

All in all, they are adjusting and seem to be doing really, really well! I can't wait for Jeremy to meet his niece, hopefully tomorrow!
After the hospital, I picked up my babies and we had a very fun evening. I couldn't help but snap some pictures!
Here is Lilly reading Cinderella, and saying "no no" to the "not nice lady" who the rest of us know as the evil stepmother. Lilly cracks me up!

Me and my girl hammin' it up for the camera!
And me kissin' on my little man!
Lilly is pretty popular these days.
And Zac is learning and growing so much so fast. His interest in toys has totally picked up. This picture was funny because he was playing, then saw me and definitely "posed" for the camera. Does that mean I take too many pictures??
Other cute mini-stories from the week:
*Lilly still gives her binkie to Shyla every morning... but asks for it back every night lately. We were making headway there for a while, but not lately.
*Last night, Lilly climbed into my lap and asked for "baby rock," which means "rock-a-bye baby." So, I rocked her like a baby and sang the song to her, twice. Then, she jumped up, said "all done," pointed and Zac and said, "Zac turn! Baby rock!" So.... I got to rock him too!
*Lilly has also been "caught" giving Zac his toys so many times lately. She is doing such a great job of sharing and being kind & gentle to her brother.
*Lilly's new favorite game of the moment involved pretending to "steal" my nose, then pretending to eat it. She laughs and laughs, and then takes it (the pretend nose) out of her mouth and puts it back. She does it to Zac too. This is really funny! Gross, for sure, but definitely funny!
All in all, I must say it has been one heck of a week! I am an auntie to an absolutely gorgeous baby girl. I got to be there in the hospital waiting while my baby sister gave birth to said gorgeous baby girl. Now, I'm getting to watch my baby sister embrace motherhood incredibly naturally. I've had a couple of incredible evenings with my kids, with very little fussiness or drama. I also finished up the school year and finished getting my classroom packed for the big move to our new Middle School. All I know is... wow, I am a lucky, lucky woman!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's all about Shyla!

Well, actually it's all about Shyla and Kendra and Stevie! What a wonderful family! They all seem to be doing very well. Kendra looks great, and Shyla is spending a lot of time sleeping. I was able to go by the hospital for a heartbreakingly short amount of time today, but at least I finally got to hold that beautiful baby girl!

My mom got there as I was leaving, and got to hold Shyla too!
Pat and Steve are proud grandparents!!
A close-up of the little angel!
And Gabi was there too! Gabi recently had a beautiful baby boy, and she won the "guess the date and weight" game from the Baby Party! Go Gabi!!

After I left the hospital, I picked up Zac and Lilly. It is simply amazing how much they change in 5 months, and then again in 2 years... simply crazy!
More soon - ha, at this rate probably more tomorrow! I just can't get enough of this little baby, and of the fact that my beautiful baby sister is now a beautiful, glowing mommy! And her wonderfully goofy husband is now a wonderful daddy. Simply amazing!!
And, one last comment... tomorrow is the last day of school! Yippie for summer break!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Shyla May Forgacs has arrived!!

It has been a long couple of days for my sister, her hubby Stevie and their gorgeous new daughter Shyla. After beginning to induce yesterday morning, Shyla was finally born at 5:41 this evening via c-section. Mommy and baby are doing just great, though so tired!

I was so happy to be able to see Kendra for about an hour and a half before she went into the operation room, then to see her and meet Shyla after recovery. Jeremy was off work so he was able to take care of the kids... I am just so so happy that I was able to be there for such a special, blessed event! I could go on and on, but I'll spare you all the sappyness....

This first one is one of my favorite pics of Shyla so far!

And here is proud papa, just before heading to the OR.
There are so many other wonderful pics, including some gorgeous ones of my sister and some of their whole fam, but I would want her approval before posting those. All I had permission for at this point was Shyla (I decided Stevie's pic was probably ok too)! So, take my word for it... Kendra looks awesome and their family is perfect!

Meanwhile, it just happens to be the 20th... what a great date to be born on in this family! Zac is 5 months old today, and Lilly is 2 years & 3 months.
These two were taken this morning before work and school.
In an earlier post, I mentioned that Lilly had a date with her daddy last weekend. Here is a pic from their trip to the zoo!
This one was taken earlier in the week. Lilly is obviously quite fashionable, don't you think? This is what happens when she picks out her clothes & shoes and does her own hair. Pretty silly, but I wouldn't dream of discouraging that independence!
This last picture was last night. Zac kept falling asleep and we were trying to keep him up for just a few more minutes till I was ready to feed him. Jer was tickling him, and he was smiling but still sleeping. Super cute!

What a great day! I am so excited to be an aunt! Shyla is just beautiful and I've never seen my sister so happy. Kendra and Stevie are going to be such great parents - congratulations to them! We are all so blessed.