Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's all about Shyla!

Well, actually it's all about Shyla and Kendra and Stevie! What a wonderful family! They all seem to be doing very well. Kendra looks great, and Shyla is spending a lot of time sleeping. I was able to go by the hospital for a heartbreakingly short amount of time today, but at least I finally got to hold that beautiful baby girl!

My mom got there as I was leaving, and got to hold Shyla too!
Pat and Steve are proud grandparents!!
A close-up of the little angel!
And Gabi was there too! Gabi recently had a beautiful baby boy, and she won the "guess the date and weight" game from the Baby Party! Go Gabi!!

After I left the hospital, I picked up Zac and Lilly. It is simply amazing how much they change in 5 months, and then again in 2 years... simply crazy!
More soon - ha, at this rate probably more tomorrow! I just can't get enough of this little baby, and of the fact that my beautiful baby sister is now a beautiful, glowing mommy! And her wonderfully goofy husband is now a wonderful daddy. Simply amazing!!
And, one last comment... tomorrow is the last day of school! Yippie for summer break!!


Suzanne said...

Thanks for sharing more photos! What a beautiful girl she is!

Natalie said...

Forget 5 months and 2 years- Shyla changed over night. She's less swollen and shell shocked! And of course just as beautiful. Can't wait for more pictures.