Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Shyla May Forgacs has arrived!!

It has been a long couple of days for my sister, her hubby Stevie and their gorgeous new daughter Shyla. After beginning to induce yesterday morning, Shyla was finally born at 5:41 this evening via c-section. Mommy and baby are doing just great, though so tired!

I was so happy to be able to see Kendra for about an hour and a half before she went into the operation room, then to see her and meet Shyla after recovery. Jeremy was off work so he was able to take care of the kids... I am just so so happy that I was able to be there for such a special, blessed event! I could go on and on, but I'll spare you all the sappyness....

This first one is one of my favorite pics of Shyla so far!

And here is proud papa, just before heading to the OR.
There are so many other wonderful pics, including some gorgeous ones of my sister and some of their whole fam, but I would want her approval before posting those. All I had permission for at this point was Shyla (I decided Stevie's pic was probably ok too)! So, take my word for it... Kendra looks awesome and their family is perfect!

Meanwhile, it just happens to be the 20th... what a great date to be born on in this family! Zac is 5 months old today, and Lilly is 2 years & 3 months.
These two were taken this morning before work and school.
In an earlier post, I mentioned that Lilly had a date with her daddy last weekend. Here is a pic from their trip to the zoo!
This one was taken earlier in the week. Lilly is obviously quite fashionable, don't you think? This is what happens when she picks out her clothes & shoes and does her own hair. Pretty silly, but I wouldn't dream of discouraging that independence!
This last picture was last night. Zac kept falling asleep and we were trying to keep him up for just a few more minutes till I was ready to feed him. Jer was tickling him, and he was smiling but still sleeping. Super cute!

What a great day! I am so excited to be an aunt! Shyla is just beautiful and I've never seen my sister so happy. Kendra and Stevie are going to be such great parents - congratulations to them! We are all so blessed.


Natalie said...

I can't believe she was born on the 20th. Your parents will have such an easy time remembering their grandkids birthdays. Shyla is beautiful and Aunt Chelsea has a nice ring to it. Congrats to the whole family.

Suzanne said...

I was just mentioned to Steve last night after getting your email, that indeed it was the 20th!!! So neat! You know, I'm an 18th, so is my brother, and so is his wife!

I love all the photos too!

Jennifer Yager said...

Congratulations Auntie Chelsea!!! Shyla is precious! Please tell your sister and Stevie that they have a beautiful little daughter.

Also, I can't believe how big Lilly and Zac are! Lilly is a full grown little girl and I just love Zac's blue eyes and huge smiles. I can't wait to see you all soon...less than a month to go! :-)

P.S. Happy last day of school!!!