Thursday, December 31, 2009

Just because...

As 2009 draws to a close, I reflect on the miracle of these children.
Lilly is beautiful, smart, artistic, stubborn and hilarious... just to name a few.
Her coloring has really been taken to a new level recently, as she colors individual objects rather than the entire page.

Dinner time is always an adventure. We're learning to put our milk farther back on the table (thanks to a "milk goes here" sticker I created).

Zackary is getting so big. He is already starting to throw tantrums if he doesn't get his way (terrible two's already?), but for the most part he is happy, walking, lovey and cuddly, and learning so much every day.
His tongue is still a little forked - something that is so "him" and I hope he doesn't grow out of it. You can barely see it in this picture. I think Zac knew what I was trying to do and he was not going to give it easily.
This is after I had the audacity to not allow him to play in the bathroom. I'm really a terrible mom, and he told me so loud and clear. Darn kid doesn't forget easily either... this tantrum went on for a good 5 to 10 minutes until dinner time.
Dinner time always helps! His smiles light up my life.

Be safe tonight and best wishes for 2010!!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! I truly hope everyone had a great day, as we did.
I love this picture of Zackary, taken Christmas morning. He was really just taking it all in...

Here is Lilly riding her rocking horse (from santa, for her and Zac to share). I love an early Christmas morning PJ picture!

Then it was time to get dressed! Lilly wore her Christmas dress from Dave and Mary... and her dolly wore a matching dress! So cute!

Off we went to my parents house. Zac here is checking out Lilly's new kitchen, and I'm not sure what Lillers is doing...
As a whole this year my kids got a lot of riding toys. Here is Zac playing on his new car from my parents. Don't forget Lilly got her pink car from Mary and Dave. And they got their rocking horse. And Zac got a trike of his own (keep scrolling)....

My sis and I (I still love you, kendra, even though you "stood me up" in the matching t-shirt department).

Ok I love these next two pictures together. Here, Lilly has clearly taken something of Zac's, which he is trying to get back. I love the expression on her face. BUSTED! Poor Zac, right?
Wrong! He may the the youngest of MY children, but don't forget he has a younger cousin, Shyla. Here he is trying to take some toy from her probably. Apparently he does that a lot at daycare too.
But, don't worry too much about Shyla... her parents (ahem, Stevie and Kendra) got Lilly a pizza toy with plenty of small parts that will inevitably end up in Zac's mouth. Coincidence? Or a plot for revenge? Hmmmm.....

And, as promised, Zac's trike pic. He LOVES this thing. Right now it's set up as a rocker, but it can transform to a stroller version and, eventually, a true tricycle. He holds on tight and goes to TOWN!
We ended our Christmas day at Winterhaven last night. Such fun!
Thank you so much to all of our family and friends, for being ... well... family and friends throughout the year. I feel so blessed.
Now it's time to start thinking about those New Year's Resolutions!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Twas the night before Christmas...

...and we played a lot of Wii.

... and we put out the reindeer food...
...and made sure they had water...

... then it was play time...
... we laughed and we laughed...

...time to make cookies...

... boy did that wear us out...

... time to eat dinner...

... daddy made yummy Prime Rib...

... we made sure everything was ready for Santa...
... then we wished all of our friends a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Yagers are here!

Dave and Mary are here for Christmas, and we are having such a great time!
Tonight we had dinner and opened presents, so that the kids can enjoy their things while Dave and Mary are still here. Here they are enjoying Mary's yummy pulled pork sandwiches.

Lilly is always up for a toast.

Zac is just a goof who likes to balance things on his head... here, his milk (that's right - Milk, not formula) cup had just slid off his head onto his shoulder.

Here Lilly is examining her big present, a really cool pedal car!

And here she is driving it (albeit, "fred flinstone" style until she really gets the pedal thing down).

And, I just like this pictures because it shows just a small snipit of the happy choas in our home.

Jer and I got spoiled too - our big present is Rock Band to go with our Wii! We couldn't play it tonight because the kids had just gone to bed by the time we opened it, but we are so excited to try it out tomorrow!
Thanks so much grandma and grandpa Yager! We love you!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happy Birthday ZACKARY!!!

It is official. My little man is one. I read somewhere that he's not even officially a baby now. He's a toddler. I disagree. He. Is. Still. My. Baby. Even though he is quite technically "toddling" around... still... baby.
So, to start, we had to prepare for his party. My mom, sister and I put together this cool gingerbread house on top of chocolate cake. Pretty cute right?
Truthfully, my biggest contribution to the decorations were these windows. Don't they look pretty?!? Ok, ok... the are PRETTY terrible. Oh well... I try....Zackary had his own "smashing" cake as well, of course.
Zac helped us set up this morning. What 1 year old doesn't need a big tub of beer? As the guests arrived, it was time for playing and dirt eating. yum!
And, finally, CAKE! I love how excited he looks at this point. I also love that his HAT doesn't FIT!!!
Ummm, this cake thing is pretty good.
Mom, try this cake!
I ROCK at eating cake!
Lilly was a very good girl for the party.
And she looked pretty cute in her Dora "moon boots" too huh?
Zackary had a wonderful time with wonderful family and friends. He got a lot of great gifts, and we are so thankful to everyone who helped us celebrate and especially those who helped us get ready to celebrate! We are so very lucky.

Couple bonus pictures: Friday night was Lilly's "holiday performance" and her school. Here she is getting ready.

And yesterday John gave Zac his very first haircut, in preparation for today's party. I just held him while Lilly ran around and offered a great distraction. Zac was good for the whole thing, just got a little bored. He looked very handsome today... Thanks John!

.... still can't believe he came into our lives one year ago today. What a neat little boy he is. I love you Zackary!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ghosts of Christmas past....

Here is a flastback to the last couple of Christmases.

First, last year. Lilly looks adorable and Zac is getting ready to be born. Apparently at this point he has taken up residence in my face.

Lilly with Santa!

Then, he head back to Lilly's very first Christmas! She was about 10 months old here. See, even as a baby she loved Santa!

Flashbacks are fun :) Happy Happy!

Sunday, December 13, 2009


The kids saw Santa yesterday! Lilly loved it and was so confortable! Zac was fine during "story time" with Santa, but didn't particularly like being on his lap. I LOVE this picture because it shows the differences in their personalities!

We saw this same Santa last year, and I just love this experience. We go to "Santa's Cottage" where a small group of kids (this year - 4 children including our 2, plus parents) sit around and Santa reads a book and tells a story. Then, the kids do crafts while families get "individual time" with Santa (including the prerequsite photo shoot). This year it was at the Children's Museum, and included a "4 free entries" pass to the Museum, which we saved to use another day.

If you haven't seen Santa yet and are interested, I'd love to pass this info on to you. If your kids are the right age to really appreciate it (Lilly is, Zac not yet), I think it is worth it! (PS Neither Santa nor his Elves asked me to "review" the experience... I just really like it).

Speaking of Christmas, I really really want to send Christmas cards to anyone who reads our family blog! Unless you KNOW I have your address (like, you got a card from us last year), please email it to me at
It would mean a lot to me.
Keep in mind, it might be Easter before you get it (right around the same time as our Christmas decorating gets completed), but that's ok right?