Monday, November 22, 2010

Adventures on the 20th!

November 20th came and went... but not without a few pics!
Sorry for the poor photography, but here is Lilly all bundled up after bath.

And Zac being silly under his crib. He looks little here, to me, but he is getting SO big!

Many of you have heard this story, but the other day he tried to change his own diaper. He needed a change and rather than getting me, he went into his room, climbed onto his changing table and started pulling wipes out of the container. Thank goodness I walked in right then!

Another very exciting thing happened on the 20th... girls night! Laura, Natalie, Karen and I planned (via many, many color coded emails) an absolutely wonderful Ladies Night Out!

Here we are, ready to start our night!

We started at Arizona Inn for cocktails.

After drinks, we went to Feast for a delish dinner and North for, well, more drinks and a ton of great girl talk. So much to be thankful for. Girls, thank you so much for a wonderful night. Thank you to Michael for driving us around. Thank you to my fab babysitters for taking good care of my kids. Looking for another girls night soon!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Just another day in paradise

Just a quick post, because I don't always put pics up here as much as I should. Today I participated in the CATwalk 10k, where two big things happened.
First, the kids had what I believe is their first experience with teenage babysitting. I "hired" two teenage girls from my school (and related to my AP) to watch the kids, at the U of A while I ran. The girls were pros and the kids had a blast.
Second, the kids got to see Wilma again! I LOVE that Zac isn't as afraid of huge dressed up animals as he used to be. Wait, is that a good thing? Regardless, they were so excited!

Then, we came home and had lunch. I let the kids eat at their play table.
Then, off to nap.
That is all.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Part 2

Yep, that title definitely sounds like a horror movie.
So, here are a whole plethora of pics from Friday's Halloween Festvial at school and Halloween night. For a chuckle and a run down of the costume making process, check out Vicarious Chelsea by clicking HERE. (Bonus? Stevie and my dad dressed up, and their pics are there too)

Halloween Festival: We really {really} tried to get a good picture of Pebbles and Bam Bam together.

Key word? Tried.
"Dora" won some cupcakes at the cake walk, under uncle Stevie's leadership. Stevie won the rest of the cakes, I believe. Seriously. He won a lot.
Yep, we actually let Zac play with a club, and we lived to talk about it.

Saturday, we didn't dress up. Instead, we just hammed it up for the camera.

I LOVE this pic of them playing together.

Sunday? Back to costumes. We had the traditional dinner and cul-de-sac party at my parents' house, complete with trick or treating and plenty of goodies.

I even got to meet baby Sadie, Beth's teeny tiny baby girl. Adorable!

All in all it was a great time!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010 - part one!

When I sat down to post about Halloween, I realized that there is just too much for one post. So, I'm splitting it into two (or three!) separate posts.
Part one - Pumpkin carving!
Last weekend we went to Buckalew Farms to get pumpkins! Kendra, Stevie and I ran a 5K first, then it was time to hit the pumpkin patch!

We picked out two perfect pumpkins. Then, this past week, it was time for some serious carving. This is all daddy's department, and the kids were excited to help.

Zac was especially fond of getting messy.

Lilly had to take a ballerina break.

WOW dada!

Pumpkin carving success!

I love watching Jeremy show off his mad pumpkin carvin' skills with the kiddos.
Stay tuned for Halloween part 2 (sounds like a Horror movie doesn't it. Wait, I think it is a horror movie. I promise the only thing scary about the next Halloween post is the poor photography).