Monday, November 22, 2010

Adventures on the 20th!

November 20th came and went... but not without a few pics!
Sorry for the poor photography, but here is Lilly all bundled up after bath.

And Zac being silly under his crib. He looks little here, to me, but he is getting SO big!

Many of you have heard this story, but the other day he tried to change his own diaper. He needed a change and rather than getting me, he went into his room, climbed onto his changing table and started pulling wipes out of the container. Thank goodness I walked in right then!

Another very exciting thing happened on the 20th... girls night! Laura, Natalie, Karen and I planned (via many, many color coded emails) an absolutely wonderful Ladies Night Out!

Here we are, ready to start our night!

We started at Arizona Inn for cocktails.

After drinks, we went to Feast for a delish dinner and North for, well, more drinks and a ton of great girl talk. So much to be thankful for. Girls, thank you so much for a wonderful night. Thank you to Michael for driving us around. Thank you to my fab babysitters for taking good care of my kids. Looking for another girls night soon!


Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

I love your new wallpaper...

And Zac? My kids used to do that all the time! They must like stuff on their head :)

Natalie said...

I feel like a bad friend for neglecting to wish you a happy 20th for your kids. I guess I was just so wrapped up in the girls night thing. It's the last one before Zacky Boy is 2!

Ahhh. The color coded emails. Makes me smile every time.

Your MOM said...

OMGosh..I missed the 20th also..Mexico does sort of let you lose track of time!

Karen said...

So happy the 20th turned out so well for you/us after the scare!!! GREAT night!