Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Look at my beautiful pregnant friends! Laura and I drove up to Phoenix on Sunday for Karen's baby shower - so fun! Don't they look great?!?

Lilly is really enjoying reading to herself even more these days - here she is with one of her many books. She has SO many, yet she is very specific about which one she wants to read at any given time... so funny!
This was just this morning, Zac was doing such a great job of reaching out and grabbing his toys.

This was the other day when Zac was having tummy time, and Lilly decided to have tummy time right next to him. Here, she leaned over to hug him, which was super cute! He was pretty much oblivious of this particular hug, but it is so cool to see how much they already love each other. He is constantly staring at her, and she always asks about him first thing in the morning when she wakes up. It's always "HI!" followed very quickly by "Baby Yac" (her version of Baby Zac).
And, this one was probably a week or so ago... but I really like how happy he is.
Hope everyone is having a nice week!

Saturday, March 28, 2009


My apologies for not updating in the past week or so... This past week was my first week back to work after Spring Break, which also meant taking Zac to daycare for the first time. He did great and seems to be having a wonderful time! I cried like a baby, but that's expected. I've also been studying for a test I had to take today, so I haven't had a free second for blogging. But, I'm back!
Last weekend there was a party/bbq at my parents house because Cousin Kay's brother and sister-in-law were in town. It was so nice to meet them! This video is priceless! My dad, Lilly and Benny were dancing up a storm!

Here are Jim and Sue, the guests of honor.

The "ladies" table.

Lilly and Ben playing. They were having SO much fun! Ben is about a year and a half older than Lilly, but he is SO good with her - so patient and gentle. They were just laughing and dancing and running all evening... Lilly slept great that night!

This is just my documentation that Lilly let me paint her toenails! She sat really still and even let them dry, then kept pointing at her toes and yelling "Pink toes!" It was very cute. Unfortunately, she hates these flip flops so we always have to wear her "princess shoes," which are not open toed. The only times since this picture that we've gotten to hear "Pink toes!" is during bath time.

Spring means gardening! Jeremy planted his first plants - two tomato plants and one pepper plant. Lilly, of course, was there to help!

Daddy and Lilly horseplaying. Lilly does not have a black eye, she has a sticker on her face.

Here is Zac in his new chair. He loves sitting up like a big boy and being able to see and interact more. Speaking of big boy... he is now sleeping in his own room and big crib. Until a couple nights ago he was in the mini-crib (Nana's!) next to our bed. Now, it's lonely and I'm sad because my teeny tiny baby boy is growing up so fast! But, when I look at that face and those cheeks, I can't feel sorry for myself for long :)

That's all for now! Kind of a random assortment... my apologies. But, stay tuned because there will be more soon - these darn kids are just too cute not to photograph every day!

A HUGE happy happy happy birthday today to my grandpa "pop" Palmer! We all went to dinner tonight and had such a good time. We love you grandpa!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009


When Jeremy got his schedule for this week, we noticed that he had two days off in a row. Even more rare was the fact that I had those days off as well, since I'm on Spring Break. It didn't take long for us to decide that it was a perfect opportunity for a family vacation! We are so lucky that my parents have a cabin up in Pinetop that we could use - I grew up going there and have so many happy memories there. So, we started making our lists and planning our trip! It takes a lot to travel with two small kids, but we were so excited! We've never really had a family vacation with just the four (or three, before Zac) of us before.
The scenery getting there was beautiful.

We left Wednesday around 3pm. Unfortunately part of the road is closed so we had to take a detour, adding time and miles. With the two kids, we were trying to make it as efficient a trip as possible, but detours happen... the detour is also where Jer got pulled over and got a ticket! ha! I laugh because if I had been driving I would have gotten it too. hee hee. At least he wrote it for "finite resources" rather than speeding.
Anyhow, we got to the cabin late on Wednesday... after the kids bedtimes. So, we got in, got organized and got to bed. Thursday am we woke up ready to have some fun. Here are the kids...
Lilly saw snow out the window and was so excited! There wasn't much snow, but a couple spots that stay shaded had some.

We played inside in the morning. Here, Lilly is playing with a new toy I bought her at the dollar store. I was actually looking for a car toy, but found this princess puzzle. She is very into princesses and puzzles these days, and this turned out to be quite a hit! Gotta love the dollar store!

Here we are hanging out before breakfast.

Speaking of breakfast... daddy made bacon and eggs! Yum!

Once our bellies were full, it was time to bundle up and go outside to play! Zac actually went down for a nap, but the rest of us headed outside.

Here is Lilly and daddy on the snow. She actually isn't a big fan of snow. She didn't want to walk on it at first, then did so, but certainly didn't want to touch it with her hand. She was a bigger fan of finding, collecting, and throwing pinecones.
Playing on the porch.

After Zac woke up and after Lilly's nap, we all took a nice walk around the neighborhood.
That afternoon, we had some playtime inside. Lilly loved watching her daddy draw animals. Mom loved suggesting more and more difficult animals for him to have to draw. ha!
Here is Lilly catching up on her celebrity gossip. Actually, I think this magazine was from 2005... I guess she's catching up on gossip from before she was born.
We didn't take a picture of our dinner, but daddy made a delicious dinner of steaks, potatoes and bacon wrapped asparagus! Yum! Then we made a huge cookie - used the whole package of cookie mix to make one big cookie and ate it nice and warm. Notice I said ate "it" rather than ate "some of it." Ugh I had a belly ache that night. But it was so good!!
Jer built a great fire that evening!
Zac hung out and played and played!
After the kids went to bed, Jer challenged me to a game of dominos. Look at the smug look on his face as he holds up the scorecard showing that he beat me... by A LOT!
What-EVER!! He probably cheated... Still, it was really fun to hang out and play games with my hubby that evening. :)
Friday morning... Zac is officially 3 months old today, and Lilly 25 months. Cute diaper pic...
We had some playtime, then I made blueberry pancakes for breakfast. Then, it was time to get packed up to hit the road. Lilly was, of course, a great help in packing up!
The drive home was also long - same detour. No ticket this time though. Whew! We took a break for Zac to eat, and Lilly got a treat! Yum!
What a fun trip! It was definitely short, but it was great! I think Lilly really enjoyed having us all to herself - no distractions of housework or errands. It was just play play play all day! Zac was happy the whole time as well - new surroundings and things to look at. The weather was great and everything was wonderful. Even though the drives were long (5 1/2 hours each way, pretty much), it was so well worth it. And, though there were a few whiny moments the kids really were great for those drives.
Thanks again to my parents for having and letting us use the cabin! We're definitely going to be doing it again when we can!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


A random post with some random pictures...
Jer was working last night, so it was just me and the kids. As you may or may not know, grilled cheese is one of my absolutely favorite meals. Simple, yes. But it is so comforting and, frankly, just plain delicious. Lilly is now able to eat soup with a spoon and actually get most of it in her mouth, and by watching me learned the correct technique of sandwich dippage. Mmmmm!!!

Zac, unfortunately, is not to the "grilled cheese & tomato soup" appropriate age yet. Here is he watching us eat... doesn't he look sad and confused?
This is Lilly's new fun face. We don't know where she learned it (school?) but she sure does enjoy showing it off. What a silly girl!
And both my kids just hangin out on the bed. Lilly was such a good helper all night - helped giving Zac a bath, brought me diapers, threw away the dirty ones, etc. She really takes pride in being a good helper. I've said it before and I'll say it again... I am a very very lucky mommy!

Happy St. Patrick's day everyone! Hope you're evening is filled with green beer and corned beef. To quote my friend Brett from last year... How do you Corn a Beef??

Monday, March 16, 2009


Lilly got to have a pony ride at her daycare a few weeks ago, and we just got the picture! Unfortunately, there aren't any of the actual ride, but this is a cute posed pic. She was very excited about it.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


In case it's not already painfully clear, we really enjoy the zoo. Jeremy had to work today, but we went there with my parents. First, here is a silly picture of Lilly from yesterday.

We went for a walk, but Lilly decided that she is too grown up to sit in the stroller - instead, it is her responsibility to take bear bear for a walk.
So, dolly had to sit in the double stroller to keep Zac company.

Here is Lilly doing her monkey impression this morning, after she told me that she would like to go to the zoo.

So, off we go. My dad had just gotten back from Rocky Point and met us there. Here they are looking at the monkeys.
And, my mom and Zac.
And Lilly, lovin life...
Time for a bottle for Zac.
This is fun!

And, this is what every drive home from the zoo looks like!

We also fed the giraffes and the ducks, then went to lunch after.
I really like our zoo here - it's just big enough and has so many fun and interactive things for kids. Zac is just learning to love it, but Lilly already does! The annual pass was certainly a smart purchase!!

Friday, March 13, 2009


Here is my first attempt at posting a video. Let me know if it works or if it slows everything down too much!

Zac was having a great time the other day, giggling and laughing. You'll need sound... ha, then you'll have to hear my rather annoying prompting for the giggles too. But, I think it's worth it!


Then, here are the kids playing...

And Lilly helping with Zac's bottle... this time, she really did hold it in the right spot for a few minutes! Zac just loves to stare at her!

And here she is, shielding her eyes from the paparazzi!

And, my smiling little man!

Monday, March 9, 2009


Just an update on how Lilly is handling being a big sister. She is mommy's little helper for sure!! Now, many times her helping requires extra attention or at least supervision on our parts - for example, her helping put the toy bar on Zac's bouncy chair could have resulted in injuries from said toy bar. But, her intentions are good. This was just today... she's wearing her new "good girl headband" that she got just for being such a good girl lately.

This is one of many current favorites of Zac. Look at those eyes and that flirty little smile!!

This is yesterday - Lilly was handing Zac a toy to play with.
Just a silly picture of my two little angels.

And Lilly yesterday morning eating her pancakes.
I am so lucky for so many reasons, including Lilly's helping and loving attitude towards her brother. As for him, he could stare and stare at her all day, if she'd sit still long enough.
Wishing everyone a great week!!