Saturday, March 28, 2009


My apologies for not updating in the past week or so... This past week was my first week back to work after Spring Break, which also meant taking Zac to daycare for the first time. He did great and seems to be having a wonderful time! I cried like a baby, but that's expected. I've also been studying for a test I had to take today, so I haven't had a free second for blogging. But, I'm back!
Last weekend there was a party/bbq at my parents house because Cousin Kay's brother and sister-in-law were in town. It was so nice to meet them! This video is priceless! My dad, Lilly and Benny were dancing up a storm!

Here are Jim and Sue, the guests of honor.

The "ladies" table.

Lilly and Ben playing. They were having SO much fun! Ben is about a year and a half older than Lilly, but he is SO good with her - so patient and gentle. They were just laughing and dancing and running all evening... Lilly slept great that night!

This is just my documentation that Lilly let me paint her toenails! She sat really still and even let them dry, then kept pointing at her toes and yelling "Pink toes!" It was very cute. Unfortunately, she hates these flip flops so we always have to wear her "princess shoes," which are not open toed. The only times since this picture that we've gotten to hear "Pink toes!" is during bath time.

Spring means gardening! Jeremy planted his first plants - two tomato plants and one pepper plant. Lilly, of course, was there to help!

Daddy and Lilly horseplaying. Lilly does not have a black eye, she has a sticker on her face.

Here is Zac in his new chair. He loves sitting up like a big boy and being able to see and interact more. Speaking of big boy... he is now sleeping in his own room and big crib. Until a couple nights ago he was in the mini-crib (Nana's!) next to our bed. Now, it's lonely and I'm sad because my teeny tiny baby boy is growing up so fast! But, when I look at that face and those cheeks, I can't feel sorry for myself for long :)

That's all for now! Kind of a random assortment... my apologies. But, stay tuned because there will be more soon - these darn kids are just too cute not to photograph every day!

A HUGE happy happy happy birthday today to my grandpa "pop" Palmer! We all went to dinner tonight and had such a good time. We love you grandpa!!!


MOM said...

HYSTERICAL video!!! the world knows what I get to see every day!!! Lilly is great at Tohono dancing and Ben has rock star fancy footwork. No comment on Dad.... :) love MOM

MOM adds: said...

...And Brewsky is pretty light on his feet as well!

Suzanne said...

Wow! Zac has really filled in and looks like a different boy to me! I just LOVE the dancing videos too! Such fun!

Natalie said...

I'm a little jealous of the gardening. Want to come over and plant some stuff at my house? Zac is looking like such a big boy. He's all baby now and no newborn. That's probably simultaneously happy and sad for you.