Sunday, March 1, 2009


None of these pictures actually have anything to do with me going back to work, but it's on my mind. Anyhow, These are just some fun recent pics...

Zac is still sleeping in our room at night, but he is now taking naps in his "big boy crib" in his own room... seriously, they grow up SO fast!!

Just a cute pic of Lilly on the first "shorts day."
I made Jer take a picture with a delicious salmon he was making for dinner! Yum!
Lilly and Zac in their super cute double stroller!
My friend Suzanne brought by two toys that her son, Soren, was nice enough to pass on to us... Zac loves this one already!
And he's sure to love this one as soon as he's big enough! Actually, Lilly really likes the toys on this one, which she just plays with from the outside. Thanks Suzanne, Soren and Steve!!!
The rest of these are from today. Here, Lilly is riding the rocking horse that was mine when I was a kid! Someone has to spot her, though, or she'll flip it backwards. Either I wasn't as daring as her, or I fell on my head a lot!

My mom and Zac hanging out. Mom will be taking care of Zac this week while I go back to work. After this week I have Spring Break, then Zac will start daycare at the same center as Lilly.
Just me and my daddy :)
And Lilly, pigging out. What a funny girl.
Have a great Monday, everyone!!


Anonymous said...

Kind of crazy that the first "shorts day" occurs in February. It took me all winter to put together Spencer's winter wardrobe and now that it's complete, I have to pack it away and start building a summer wardrobe.
LOVE the double stroller!

Anonymous said...

One more thing- your comment about the delicious salmon reminds me of Napolean Dynamite when he catches the delicious bass for Deb. Funny!