Saturday, March 7, 2009


It has been a very big week! I went back to work this week, which was difficult but I was prepared and am lucky enough to work with very nice people who offer lots of support. Plus, it was the week before Spring Break, so there was a sense of excitement in the air. Now I have another two weeks off before going back for good. Thanks again to mom for watching Zac whenever Jer was working!!

Today was Laura's baby shower! I've known Laura since high school, and we were even roomates for a very fun filled time in college. We are so excited that her and Josh are expecting their first baby, a girl, at the end of April. Here is the happy mama!

Karen (who I've known even longer than Laura - since Jr. High in fact!) and her hubby, Bernie, are also expecting their first baby, a boy, in early June. They drove in from Phoenix for the shower. Ahhh mamas and their bellies!

Gotta have a picture with the daddies!
I had to jump in for a picture too...
Good luck to both of my friends and their precious little ones who will be here soon!!

Now, just some pictures from the week. My friend Suzanne posted a black and white photo of her little boy, and I just loved it. When I saw this picture of Lilly from earlier this week, I had to try it in black and white... playing with color and stuff could be so much fun!!
What do you all think of pictures like this in black and white??

Look at those cheeks! (Zac's not mine please) Daddy and Lilly having play time in the backyard.
Our little angels hanging out... Zac just stares and stares at Lilly.
Zac seems to really like sucking his thumb.
Lilly being silly!
Zac and his big blue eyes and adorable little grin!!

And, one of my sis from today! She is looking great and the pregnancy is going so well. We can't wait to meet her little girl sometime around the end of May!

Finally, Weight Watch: Down 2.2. BUT I'm sure this is no longer true after the baby shower today. Laura's cake pushing proved that she truly is the bad influence my mother always thought she was! Today was definitely an example of "WIPO" ... Weigh In and Pig Out. Yikes!!
I hope everyone is having a great weekend!


Suzanne said...

I LOVE the photos! Great B/W too! Sometimes it just hits me while processing that a particular photo would be great that way. Lilly looks like she's having so much fun with her daddy, and I love the one with Zac's beautiful eyes. What a handsome boy! Soren's watching as I looked at your blog, checking everyone out. I know I told you, but I sure love your new haircut!!! Congrats on the weight loss. I know what you mean about cake. YUM!!!! Gotta love that cake!

Jennifer Yager said...

I LOVE the black and white photo! It is adorable! Zac and his blue eyes are precious as well. I really love seeing all of the fun pictures that you post!

Laura said...

OMG, I am sooo not the bad influence - you were!!! :) Ha!!! I love the pics!

lady of leisure said... seems your pictures came out way better than mine for some reason :)