Saturday, July 24, 2010

BBQ and Swimming ... Sorta!

So, this actually happened LAST WEEKEND but I am a bad, bad blogger and am just now getting to it. 
In my defense, last week was my first week back to work.
At a new job.
At a new school.
Enough said.
Throw in the 20th, and the need for a post then (love love love the 20th), and additional blogging just wasn't happening.

Anyhow, last weekend we went to a pool party/BBQ with my three closest friends from high school! The four of us have been getting together again, as often as possible.

I think we decided on at least 4 times a year, right ladies?

Anyhow, Laura and Josh were the hosts with the most, and we swam (um, for 4 minutes in between storms, but whatever), ate delicious food, and had hilarious conversation!

Lilly and Zac played together a bit! Warms my heart every. Single. Time.
With Tyler! (We were all sure Tyler was going to jump off the swing at any given point)
Water play with Sara!
As bad as I have been at blogging, I was an even worse photographer and that pretty much sums up the pictures I took.

The next morning, we all went to breakfast, where I actually got a picture of Spencer, eating next to Lilly.

And one of this lovely little number. Just jelly people, just jelly.
A HUGE congratulations to my dear friend Jeannette and her hubby Aaron who had their little bundle of joy either late last night or early this morning. Eleanor is about 2 months premature and so very tiny, but from what I hear she is doing just great. I can't wait to meet her soon! I'm saying prayers tonight that little Ellie stays healthy, gains weight, and gets to go home sometime soon - when she's ready.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The 20th!

This 20th really snuck up on me!
Happy, happy 20th to these 3 beautiful children!

Lilly, today you are 3 years and 5 months old. You already have your 4th birthday party planned (Diego theme) and, in fact, your 5th (Ariel). I am so, so proud of you every day.
Zac, today you are 1 year and 7 months old. Your new haircut makes you even more handsome, if that were possible. You are sweet and so funny... and truthfully I am counting down the days until "the ones" are done because you, my friend, are a handful!
Shyla, you are finally letting your mommy and daddy get a little sleep, which is so kind of you. You are also eating with significantly less "horrible food face." And, you dance like your grandpa, but way, way cuter.

We are all so lucky to have you three angels in our lives! Happy 20th

Monday, July 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Today is my dad's birthday.
Happy Birthday Daddy!
We had a party yesterday to celebrate. Lilly, of course, had to help blow out the candles.

Zac got to spend some time with Uncle Pete.
But he clearly hated the cake.

The party crew! Well, some of us. Stevie had wondered off and Jeremy was minutes away from arriving after work.
And, again, the birthday boy himself.

Wishing my dad a really, really h appy birthday. I don't know what I'd do without you daddy! I love you!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sunday Swim!

On Sunday, the kids and cousin Shyla enjoyed a nice swim. Notice the tiny swim pool? About 20 feet to the left, not shown, is a real in-ground pool. Mom and I did NOT have the energy to put on our own suits and take 3 kids "real swimming," so thank goodness for this pool. It took a little convincing, to Lilly only, but they were happy campers.... errr swimmers.... once they were in!

The 3 cousins!

Shyla didn't last long in the pool... she went exploring!

Lilly and Zac played like crazy... and WITH eachother!
(makes mommy's heart so happy!)
Time for some belly action!

Bathing beauty.

I love love love it when they play together so well! Hope you are all having a sunny, swimmy, smilie summer like we are!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

A week already?!?

Um, it has been a week since I updated this blog. Sorry!
We have been busy, and I am exhausted. Yet again, this will be an update of our week with very little clever writing. Maybe one day I'll be clever again?

The 4th of July was great! The kids were decked out and had a blast.

The rest of the week flew by!
Today, we took Zac to get his very first true haircut! He actually did remarkably well for a shall-we-say very cautious and yet energetic young man. He sat on my lap and was interested but not grumpy about the things around him. He didn't love the water in the face, but otherwise things went well. And, GREAT NEWS! Turns out, he is still quite handsome under that big mop of hair he had going on!

What a handsome devil!

After the haircut (Lilly decided she didn't want one. She has never had one. I would love for her to get a trim just for the experience and I think it would help her hair be a bit more healthy and springy. But, not today) I took the kids to see Clifford The Big Red Dog at the U of A. First, we had to do some coloring.

Then, we had stories, songs, and activities for about 45 minutes, followed by a LONG line to actually meet Clifford.
Lilly loved him and Zac was interested and not at all afraid. No great pictures, but at least he wasn't screaming (Zac, that is. I didn't expect Clifford to start screaming randomly).

Next, we headed over to Kendra and Stevie's new home, into which they are in the process of moving. We played with the piano, the water table, each other, and plenty of off-limit moving stuff. It was fun and exhausting.
Ah yes, and we ate some yogurt.

What will tomorrow hold???

Saturday, July 3, 2010

2 big days

I have two great days to tell you about today!

1. Thursday.
Lilly had been going through a bit of a regression in regards to potty training. Last week she had at least one accident every day! I busted out the incentive (is that just a fancy word for "bribery"?) of going to Chuck E Cheese if she had 5 "no accident days" in a row.
It took her a couple of days to start remembering, but then she was off. Her 5th "no accident day" was actually Wednesday, but we decided we would go to Chuck E Cheese on Thursday. Here are some pics!
Lilly enjoying pizza (with cheese) with daddy.

Zac checking out (and loving) the big puppet dancer thingys.


Our little fireman!


Miss. Jessica and her son, Cain, joined us for a bit!
Love it!
Special thanks to Lilly for having no accidents (and none since then either... keep those fingers crossed), and my mom for attending (and financing) the big event!\
2. Friday.
Friday was a pre-planned "Mommy-Daughter Day." I was so excited. I had spent some one-on-one time with Zac lately, and it was Lilly's turn! We talked about it all week!
Friday morning, we dropped Zac off at school, and returned home to get ready for our day! We got a great big bag together, and we were off!

Lilly was READY to go (I love this picture)
We started out at Bruggers Bagels where we, shockingly, ate bagels. Just sitting and talking to my little girl makes my heart so happy! We have the most fun (crazy, silly, entertaining, creative...) conversations!
Next, we stopped by grandpa's office to visit and get free lollipops.
Off to Target for some swimsuit shopping (we both struck out).
And to Bison Witches for lunch with Suzanne and Soren!

Suzanne and Soren hamming it up!

Me and my girl!

After lunch, we hugged goodbye...
At this point, Lilly told me she was tired and wanted to go home to rest. So, we did. We stopped on the way and picked up a couple movies, though. We got home and hit the couch with our movies!

After resting with our movies (we watched half of each, so basically one movie), we headed back out!
Lilly had discovered that one of her barbie's was missing her clothing, and we couldn't find it anywhere! So, I told her that we would look for barbie clothing at the store. I was thinking the dollar store, but they didn't have any. So, we shopped at a couple of places and ended up getting a new barbie for Lilly and she helped pick out a new toy for Zac.
Next, we stopped at McDonalds for an ice cream cone!
By this time, we missed Zac terribly so we headed over to pick him up! When we got home, it was playtime!
New toys!

(Um, yes, if you look in the background you can tell that the last thing in the world these kids need are more toys. This is my reminder that it is time to put together a bag or two to giveaway!)
We played and played all evening, and we all slept soundly last night! What a day!
Happy Happy Happy 4th of July tomorrow. A heartfelt "Thank you" to all our service men and women, past and present, for allowing us to experience freedom. I am truly thankful.