Saturday, July 3, 2010

2 big days

I have two great days to tell you about today!

1. Thursday.
Lilly had been going through a bit of a regression in regards to potty training. Last week she had at least one accident every day! I busted out the incentive (is that just a fancy word for "bribery"?) of going to Chuck E Cheese if she had 5 "no accident days" in a row.
It took her a couple of days to start remembering, but then she was off. Her 5th "no accident day" was actually Wednesday, but we decided we would go to Chuck E Cheese on Thursday. Here are some pics!
Lilly enjoying pizza (with cheese) with daddy.

Zac checking out (and loving) the big puppet dancer thingys.


Our little fireman!


Miss. Jessica and her son, Cain, joined us for a bit!
Love it!
Special thanks to Lilly for having no accidents (and none since then either... keep those fingers crossed), and my mom for attending (and financing) the big event!\
2. Friday.
Friday was a pre-planned "Mommy-Daughter Day." I was so excited. I had spent some one-on-one time with Zac lately, and it was Lilly's turn! We talked about it all week!
Friday morning, we dropped Zac off at school, and returned home to get ready for our day! We got a great big bag together, and we were off!

Lilly was READY to go (I love this picture)
We started out at Bruggers Bagels where we, shockingly, ate bagels. Just sitting and talking to my little girl makes my heart so happy! We have the most fun (crazy, silly, entertaining, creative...) conversations!
Next, we stopped by grandpa's office to visit and get free lollipops.
Off to Target for some swimsuit shopping (we both struck out).
And to Bison Witches for lunch with Suzanne and Soren!

Suzanne and Soren hamming it up!

Me and my girl!

After lunch, we hugged goodbye...
At this point, Lilly told me she was tired and wanted to go home to rest. So, we did. We stopped on the way and picked up a couple movies, though. We got home and hit the couch with our movies!

After resting with our movies (we watched half of each, so basically one movie), we headed back out!
Lilly had discovered that one of her barbie's was missing her clothing, and we couldn't find it anywhere! So, I told her that we would look for barbie clothing at the store. I was thinking the dollar store, but they didn't have any. So, we shopped at a couple of places and ended up getting a new barbie for Lilly and she helped pick out a new toy for Zac.
Next, we stopped at McDonalds for an ice cream cone!
By this time, we missed Zac terribly so we headed over to pick him up! When we got home, it was playtime!
New toys!

(Um, yes, if you look in the background you can tell that the last thing in the world these kids need are more toys. This is my reminder that it is time to put together a bag or two to giveaway!)
We played and played all evening, and we all slept soundly last night! What a day!
Happy Happy Happy 4th of July tomorrow. A heartfelt "Thank you" to all our service men and women, past and present, for allowing us to experience freedom. I am truly thankful.


Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

So, I'm reading, and thinking of comments, and then once I got to the Bisonwiches part... I can't think of anything else.

Yum. Yum. Yum.

Nicole Buchheit said...

awwww, I LOVE the pictures! I can't wait to see them! AND YOU! :)

Grandma Mary said...

We're rooting for you Lilly - no more accidents!
Love the new hair Jeremy!

Suzanne said...

You know, Soren never did get that lollipop....:) J/K...remembered while in KY (me that is). Sounds like your day was super and it was great seeing you all! Remind me to tell you the restaurant experience continued...