Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Boring post, exciting life!

I'm not feeling very "inspired," which is why there has been a shortage of posts lately. Still, I have cute pictures to share. So here ya go!
I've been so lucky to spend a bit more time with my beautiful niece, Shyla, this summer. She is growing so fast, and I love being the one who is totally allowed to spoil her!

Zac is up to his normal "get sick so I get to stay home and play with mommy" antics. He had an ear infection (didn't complain, but doc found it during his well-baby appointment), which got worse when he resisted the antibiotics. So, new meds and a couple extra days with mommy. His timing, honestly, was bad. But once he started feeling better we had some serious F.U.N.
Um, except for when I was trying to get him to STOP CLIMBING ON THE FURNITURE!
Lilly and I are looking forward to a "mommy - daughter day" on Friday!

Where she may or may not bring "doggy Lilly" which, as you can tell, is Lilly wearing slippers on her hands and feet. And she barks. LOVE her imagination!

One of the greatest things about summer break is spending more time with my sis too. Isn't she amazing?!?

And here she is with her goofy husband. It takes more "takes" to get a semi-normal picture of him than it does the kids. Seriously! The face!
We went to my grandparents' house the other night for Chop Souie night. Yum! Grandma and grandpa are so wonderful!

I was TIRED this day, and it shows, but I kind of love this picture of Zac.

Boring post, but nothing boring going on in real life. Hope you're all staying cool!


lady of leisure said...

Yeah life is boring sometimes, but kids are always cute! Well usually anyway. I love the one of Zac climbing on the furniture.

Grandma Mary said...

You look fantasit Chelsea! Love all the pictures. Nothing boring about it!

Christian and Tawny said...

I love the picture of Zac on your lap! Adorable smile!