Thursday, June 17, 2010

What we're up to!

So, what have we been up to since returning to AZ? SO MUCH!

First of all, it has been my week to teach summer school. The neat thing is that Kendra and I have both been teaching this week - me in the morning and her in the afternoon. Monday, as I brought the students to her, she handed off Shyla to me. I got to spend the whole afternoon with this little angel, PLUS we did a mini makeover consisting of pigtails!

Tuesday... Andrea arrived from Las Vegas! I am SO excited that she is here and we are able to catch up and hang out and just BE. 
Zac has a crush on her I think.

And Lilly LOVES her too!
Wednesday I got a call from daycare saying that Zac was sick. So Andrea and I picked him up as soon as we could after work, and kept him home today too. 
Thank goodness Andrea was here! She was able to babysit Zac, at my work, while I taught summer school. Since he was feeling so much better, we were able to bring Shyla home in the afternoon too. 
Those crazy cousins played so hard!
Tupperware is always fun!

Then, resting for a brief second.

Back to playing like crazy, this time in Andrea's bed.

I'm tired just thinking about how hard they played today!
Lilly, meanwhile, had water day at school today. Isn't she a flirt?

Kendra came over after teaching, and my mom picked up food and came over after work. We all ate El Molinito and had more playtime! 

All three kids had baths (no pictures, creepos - if you're not a creepo and want to see 'em, lemme know!), and we had some book reading and calm playtime. 
Aren't Lilly and Shyla cute?!?

I think Zac is feeling much better, and will go back to daycare tomorrow. Andrea and I get the whole day to hang out, since summer school is over! I'm very excited!

Until next time... 


Your Mom said...

OH I love the mini makeover..what did Shyla do to your hair in return?!

Kendra Forgacs said...

Best post ever! Can you PLEASE start a shutterfly sharesite so I can steal some of those pics (including the way-cute bathtime pictures that I took, because it will be password protected)

Suzanne said...

No kidding-that was fun to read/see! It was even more fun because I got to see/interact with all these folks this week too-except your mom (who typically I DO see). Have fun tomorrow! And thanks for being my backup emergency!

Natalie said...

Zac's the only boy at the all ladies dinner table. He needs a man to hang out with and do man things.