Friday, January 29, 2010


Well it has been a very busy week!
This morning, Zac woke up before Lilly, so he came in with me to her room when she woke up. She wanted him to get into bed with her, so he did. What fun!
I know they will (and do already, to an extent) fight as they grow up together, but I hope they are close as a whole. Zac hears Lilly's name and goes to look for her, and Lilly looks out for Zac so well. Tonight, Jeremy took Lilly to the store to get some ice cream after dinner. Zac was so bummed when they left, and waved out the window every couple of minutes until they returned. So cute!
Lilly thanked her daddy for the ice cream...
And dug in!
Great way to end the work week!
Hoping for great weekends!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Monday!

Tonight, after a spontaenous dance party (complete with daddy playing Rock Band, and Zac learning how to do "spins" on his very own), the kids took a break. In the laundry basket. Why? I don't know. I swear they did this completely on their own. I just grabbed my camera.
Then it was dinner time! Lilly struggles to eat peas with a spoon, but then again... who doesn't?

We're supposed to be having Zac practice eating off a plate. So, we do. He does great!

For a while! Then... well... it is just really fun to pick the plate up and watch the food fly! I mean, wouldn't you do it if you could?!?

It's been far too long since we've had a flashback! This was last year, January. Zac was teeny tiny and Lilly was so proud to be a big sister! I remember she used to love to hold Zac! Now, he's way too big for her!

Happy Monday all!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Here we are on the 20th of the month again. My kids sure were sleepy this morning!

But then we got up, got dressed, and some playtime in before school!

I did snap a couple of pictures yesterday, just for fun. I love Zac's outfit here! Yea for handmedowns!

And Shyla May is 8 months old today! Here is a pic of her with L & Z and the zoo this past weekend!

Happy 20th everyone!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Impromptu photo shoot and dinner with great friends!

Well we have had a great weekend!
On Saturday we had our great friends, Laura, Josh and baby Sara over for dinner. Laura and Josh have the BEST stories, and we always have so much fun with them.
Here they are! Isn't Sara a beauty? And Josh is pointing at the bloody spot on Laura's face from Sara's fingernail. Ha!

On Sunday, we met my sister and Shyla at the zoo. I LOVE our zoo here in Tucson! The kids love it too, and they always have so much fun! While playing, a lady from the Parks and Rec department was there snapping photos, so she took a bunch of the kids and emailed them to me!

It has been a great weekend, plus we got an extra day today! I had high hopes for my productivity today, which weren't completely realized. But, I did manage to give blood (saves 3 lives each time), and get a little housecleaning and a little schoolwork done, plus a little playtime and quality time with the kids. I guess a little of a couple things is just as good as getting a whole bunch of one thing done, right?
Happy Monday to all!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Jeremy's Birthday!

Today is Jeremy's Birthday!

(I'm embarassed to admit that, yes, those are still Christmas cards up behind him. Sheesh!)

Anyhow... I have been a terrible blogger lately, but I've kinda had my hands full :)

With this little guy, who eats a ton and is walking like crazy and trying to keep up with his sister...

... and with this little girl, who has quite an imagination lately, and is obsessed with babies - her "babies" as well as being a baby (couple of her friends at school are "mommy" and "daddy" ... should we be worried?)
Happy Birthday Jeremy! We love you!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Feeling better, one oreo at a time.

I have been sick for just over a week. At first, it was a cold - annoying but can be dealt with. That was most of last week.
Monday was rough, but I figured it was because I was worn out after my first day back at work.
Tuesday, it hit. By Tuesday afternoon I was feverish, miserable, and even a little disoriented. I had a meeting until 6, but I had decided to take Wednesday off. Finally, today, I am feeling a bit better. Even got out for a run this evening.
None of this is the point, but it is good background info for this very important fact:
When I was a kid, my grandma would bring me an Oreo Blizzard every time I was sick. Every. Time.
Grandma is gone, and we miss her for so many reasons. Oreo Blizzards are no where near the top of that amazing list, but they are on the list.
So, alas... no Oreo Blizzard.
Second best... Oreo cookies and milk. I figured I could just shake 'em up in my mouth. Kinda the same, right?
So my wonderful, doting husband asks me last night if he could bring me anything. He probably thought medicine. I said "milk and Oreos please." Yep, even said please.
Wait for it....
What is wrong with this picture?

Who in their right mind eats ONE Oreo cookie? I've never heard of such nonsense!
I gave Jeremy a VERY hard time about this major flaw, and I told him I would have to blog about it. I must stay true to my word, right? He clearly doesn't know me at all!
I mean, 3 cookies is a minimum, right? Who's with me? Then, you always sneak back for one or two more that you don't admit to, right? Those extras don't go on the Weight Watcher tracking form. Ha ha ha!
Anyhow, morals of the story:
1. Miss you Grandma!
2. Feeling better.
3. Thank you Jeremy.
4. 3 cookie minimum, Jeremy, with a blind eye to 4 and 5.

What foods/treats do you crave when you're sick?

Monday, January 4, 2010

2010. Seriously?!?

Writing "2010" looks like a year out of a science fiction book to me. Weird.
Anyhow, we rang in the new year in Pinetop! What a fun (albeit chaotic) weekend!
We went up Thursday, and it was nice because I got to drive with dad (and the kids) while mom went with Kendra, Stevie, Shyla and Pancake. Always an adventure driving with dad (because of the conversation, not because he is a bad driver).
When we got to the mountains, it was time to play! Here is the best pic I could get of the three kids together. It makes me SO happy that they are growing up together!

On Friday, my dad and Kendra went skiing. They said the weather was perfect! I didn't take too many pictures, but my mom and Stevie and I hung out with the kids. Stevie and I took them on an outing to Walmart... also an adventure. We did a super successful shopping trip (don't listen to what the rest of those yahoos tell you - we stuck to the list!)
These pics were taken on Saturday... sorry dad, you look like you just woke up here, but any picture of Zac being still enough to sit on your lap is worth taking!
Then Lilly got bundled up to build a snowman with grandma!
First they played...
And ... voila... their creation!
Ok ok the final product turned out a little better than this. A little. Ha ha. Still, Lilly loved it and even this morning was talking about how funny it was when the snowman's head fell off.

Meanwhile, Stevie was building a fake grandpa. Why? So he could dance with him of course.

Ok ok that wasn't the real reason. It was to throw off the roof while my dad was up there working in order to scare my mom.
That's the fam. Did it work? No. She wasn't scared. She almost peed her pants laughing... especially when Stevie started giving "grandpa" mouth to mouth, then hitting him with a shovel to get a response.
Good times.
Another "good times"... my dad told me that since he took Kendra skiing he had to take me somewhere (you know, to be fair. "Counting Cheerios" is what we call it... love you grandma Sonntag). So, he took me to Ace Hardware. Unfortunately, there was a REALLY long line so it took us hours and hours and hours to get home.*
Meanwhile, Kendra's family took a gorgeous family photo... if you know her, click on the Forgacs link and check it out! They are such a beautiful, fun, and loving family!
Thanks yet again to mom and dad... the weekend, the cabin, the memories... all of it! Love you!
Best wishes for 2010! What are your resolutions???
*"Ace Hardware" was actually "Charlie Clarks" restaurant where we enjoyed adult beverages and good conversations with locals (who call us "citiots" by the way). Kendra and my mom's idea of a nightmare. My idea of Heaven. Thanks daddy!!