Thursday, January 7, 2010

Feeling better, one oreo at a time.

I have been sick for just over a week. At first, it was a cold - annoying but can be dealt with. That was most of last week.
Monday was rough, but I figured it was because I was worn out after my first day back at work.
Tuesday, it hit. By Tuesday afternoon I was feverish, miserable, and even a little disoriented. I had a meeting until 6, but I had decided to take Wednesday off. Finally, today, I am feeling a bit better. Even got out for a run this evening.
None of this is the point, but it is good background info for this very important fact:
When I was a kid, my grandma would bring me an Oreo Blizzard every time I was sick. Every. Time.
Grandma is gone, and we miss her for so many reasons. Oreo Blizzards are no where near the top of that amazing list, but they are on the list.
So, alas... no Oreo Blizzard.
Second best... Oreo cookies and milk. I figured I could just shake 'em up in my mouth. Kinda the same, right?
So my wonderful, doting husband asks me last night if he could bring me anything. He probably thought medicine. I said "milk and Oreos please." Yep, even said please.
Wait for it....
What is wrong with this picture?

Who in their right mind eats ONE Oreo cookie? I've never heard of such nonsense!
I gave Jeremy a VERY hard time about this major flaw, and I told him I would have to blog about it. I must stay true to my word, right? He clearly doesn't know me at all!
I mean, 3 cookies is a minimum, right? Who's with me? Then, you always sneak back for one or two more that you don't admit to, right? Those extras don't go on the Weight Watcher tracking form. Ha ha ha!
Anyhow, morals of the story:
1. Miss you Grandma!
2. Feeling better.
3. Thank you Jeremy.
4. 3 cookie minimum, Jeremy, with a blind eye to 4 and 5.

What foods/treats do you crave when you're sick?


Kendra Forgacs said...

The blizzard tradition is one we need to continue with our kids. Since Grandma was the one in charge...does that mean it's mom's responsibility?

Glad you're feeling better

Liz said...

I love the blizzard idea!! My mom just shoved vitamins down our throats when we were sick. Hmmm... Maybe that's why I hate them - and chicken soup for that matter. I'm glad you're feeling well. I, however, think I am about to catch head cold #2 in a month!! Ugh!

Oh - I hope Jer gave you the Oreo package after that tiny little oversight... Haha!

lady of leisure said...

So sorry you were sick but glad you are feeling better!!! And what is up with that crazy husband of yours? I am in shock over the one Oreo snafu.

Natalie said...

Jeremy. WTF? 1 oreo? 1 lousy, stinking oreo? I agree with Chelsea that 3 is a minimum, but if you're going to eat 3 you might as well eat 9. 9 is the new minimum. And don't even get me started on mint oreos or those delightful peppermint candy cane oreos I ate a whole package of one week (day) (night) before Christmas.

Anonymous said...

I really dropped the ball in the Blizzard dept...oops...sorry Mom..she is probably so disappointed in me! IOU. I will weighin to say that one orea is just PACKAGE that is.

Suzanne said...

What a great photo! Ok..I agree...Jeremy should have asked you at minimum how many you WANTED, or at most, just the whole package. C'mon, you're sick! :) Sadly, my only memories are of 7up, which we only had in the house when we're sick (and of course, one NEVER has when one is sick and has to go out for it), saltines, and chicken noodle soup.

It is always nice to have your mommy when you're sick too. Love those mommies!

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

Ok, my first thought was "it's not a double stuffed Oreo." THAT is what was wrong with the picture.

But Jeremy, save yourself and bring her the whole package next time, ok? You know that you never would have eaten just. one. Oreo.

Remind me to tell you my Oreo story sometime. It's pretty funny :-)