Monday, January 4, 2010

2010. Seriously?!?

Writing "2010" looks like a year out of a science fiction book to me. Weird.
Anyhow, we rang in the new year in Pinetop! What a fun (albeit chaotic) weekend!
We went up Thursday, and it was nice because I got to drive with dad (and the kids) while mom went with Kendra, Stevie, Shyla and Pancake. Always an adventure driving with dad (because of the conversation, not because he is a bad driver).
When we got to the mountains, it was time to play! Here is the best pic I could get of the three kids together. It makes me SO happy that they are growing up together!

On Friday, my dad and Kendra went skiing. They said the weather was perfect! I didn't take too many pictures, but my mom and Stevie and I hung out with the kids. Stevie and I took them on an outing to Walmart... also an adventure. We did a super successful shopping trip (don't listen to what the rest of those yahoos tell you - we stuck to the list!)
These pics were taken on Saturday... sorry dad, you look like you just woke up here, but any picture of Zac being still enough to sit on your lap is worth taking!
Then Lilly got bundled up to build a snowman with grandma!
First they played...
And ... voila... their creation!
Ok ok the final product turned out a little better than this. A little. Ha ha. Still, Lilly loved it and even this morning was talking about how funny it was when the snowman's head fell off.

Meanwhile, Stevie was building a fake grandpa. Why? So he could dance with him of course.

Ok ok that wasn't the real reason. It was to throw off the roof while my dad was up there working in order to scare my mom.
That's the fam. Did it work? No. She wasn't scared. She almost peed her pants laughing... especially when Stevie started giving "grandpa" mouth to mouth, then hitting him with a shovel to get a response.
Good times.
Another "good times"... my dad told me that since he took Kendra skiing he had to take me somewhere (you know, to be fair. "Counting Cheerios" is what we call it... love you grandma Sonntag). So, he took me to Ace Hardware. Unfortunately, there was a REALLY long line so it took us hours and hours and hours to get home.*
Meanwhile, Kendra's family took a gorgeous family photo... if you know her, click on the Forgacs link and check it out! They are such a beautiful, fun, and loving family!
Thanks yet again to mom and dad... the weekend, the cabin, the memories... all of it! Love you!
Best wishes for 2010! What are your resolutions???
*"Ace Hardware" was actually "Charlie Clarks" restaurant where we enjoyed adult beverages and good conversations with locals (who call us "citiots" by the way). Kendra and my mom's idea of a nightmare. My idea of Heaven. Thanks daddy!!


Natalie said...

What an absolutely amazing New Year. I'm really jealous. #1 because you have a cabin to go to and I don't and #2 because nobody threw a fake grandpa off my roof. That sounds like fun! Good pictures too!

Natalie said...

Oh, and one more thing. I wrote 1/4/10 today. That was WEIRD! 10 is an age you turn when you are young and an anniversary people celebrate- not a year.

Laura said...

Looks like a Blast!!! So jealous!

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

Do you know that I threw my back out today? And your description of Stevie making the fake Dad and hitting him with a shovel made me laugh SO hard that it hurt. bad.

SO funny!!

lady of leisure said...

What a great weekend! It's so nice you guys have so many good memories at that cabin!

Suzanne said...

I almost peed my pants looking at that photo of Stevie! Hysterical! Kendra is in for an interesting life, isn't she?

Great photos in the jealous!

2010 is definitely strange. I have to admit...the first check I wrote, I wrote 3 Jan. '04. What the heck? 04? I am REALLY out of touch, and seriously, does one really say, "20 10?" or just the average, "Two thousand ten," anyway?

Kendra Forgacs said...

Good post, sister! You did a much better job detailing the weekend than I did!

Stephanie said...

That "fake grandpa" picture is hilarious. I'm so glad that you thought to get out the camera to capture that fun(ny) moment!