Sunday, May 30, 2010

2 very different kids.

Picture day!
Ahhh... just look at Lilly... what a beautiful smile!

And, one where she looks a little more serious. Thoughtful, even.
And, a nice posed full body shot. What a sweetie!

Zac's turn!
Are. You. Kidding. Me?

Maybe if we give him a ball to play with... 
Surely he'll be happy with his friends and teacher... 
That's my boy.
Funny how that mean old camera lady clearly tried to torture him, while doing no such harm to Lilly. 
I LOVE how different they are. I wish he didn't think every stranger was out to get him, but I still love that they have their own unique personalities.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thankful Through Thursday!


What makes you thankful this week?

1. I am thankful that it is almost summer break! This is a page from a book that one of my students wrote. I am thankful that they think I am a good teacher, and that they listen enough to know that I love the word "Bazinga."

2. I am thankful that Lilly wants to be a doctor! Ha! Actually, I just loved seeing this at her school the other day. I'm thankful that she has options and free thought. And, a doctor in the family wouldn't be bad! Better than, say, a "Man on an airplane" or a "Fire engine."

3. I am thankful that one of the things that makes Lilly happy is playing with me! Granted, most responses are pretty similar on this page, but at least I rank higher than "Chicken Nuggets."

Link up! Write about what makes you thankful or happy today, and link up here! Or, you can of course still leave a comment!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Odds and ends!

Hi all! Just a couple random pics that I wanted to share...

My friend Stephanie (Metropolitan Mama) shared with me her recipe for Peanut Butter Balls last week. So, Lilly and I tried them out. They were a HIT! Now, Lilly asks for them every other day!
Here she is, making them the first time. Things I love about this picture include: that dress (Yep, she's wearing it, again), that hair, that face, that mess. Love, love, love!

The next day, enjoying the fruits of her labors!
Zac STILL does not like peanut butter. I thought the peanut butter balls might entice him... or at least he wouldn't realize what it was since they were dredged in powdered sugar, dark cocoa, or crushed pretzels. He wanted one but as soon as it got NEAR him he shook "NO," and wouldn't touch it. Crazy!
So, here is a picture of him eating something else instead... maybe a waffle?

And, one of him dismembering the "gumball tree" that he made at school. He loves throwing things away (especially when it is something he is ALLOWED to throw in the trash), so he tore each gumball off and threw it away, came to get a hug, then went back for the next gumball. Pretty cute!

One more, Lilly and Zac in baskets. Sadly, the new rule is that we can't climb in the baskets, because Zac leaned back and almost fell, which scared me. Yes, I shoulda seen it coming. But they were so darn cute!

I love that he wants to do everything she does. I hate that it frustrates him when he can't.
I love that she cheers him on.
I love when they share, and hate when they fight.
These are all things that go along with being siblings... such special times and experiences!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Shyla's First Birthday Party!

As you all know (if you read my last post), Shyla has officially turned one. My sis and Stevie threw one heck of a bash at my parent's house this weekend. Here is the birthday girl with her beautiful mommy:

Let's get right to the cake! Shyla is, apparently, not a huge fan of cupcakes bigger than her head. Was it the cupcake? The size? Or all the people? Whatever it was, she was not liking it. I like the look on my sister's face here. To me, it simply says, "really???"
And, the infamous Castle Cake! Why infamous? I'm glad you asked! Our mom made me a castle cake one year when I was a kid. Kendra never got one. Why? Because they love me more, I figure. Oh, or Kendra was the second child. Whatever the reason, it has been a bone of contention ever since. So, it was only fitting that Shyla got one for her first. Turned out darn good, huh?

The happy family with Grandma Forgacs... not sure why she is threatening the happy family with a knife, but it made for a great photo opp!

Had to include one of Lilly, eating her cake and cone... I get lost in her beauty sometimes...

This was, of course, after she blew out Shyla's candle on it's way to the birthday girl. THAT was a priceless moment.
Where are the pics of Zac? I have no idea! That boy is constant motion, and managed to get left out of every picture!

One more pic of grandma and grandpa:
Not grandma and grandpa you say? Well, funny, because Lilly accidently called Kendra grandma twice and Stevie grandpa once. So, let's compare Kendra and Stevie to, well, older people.
~ Kendra has a bad habit of saying "Wipper Snapper."
~ Kendra is drinking coffee here, at 6:30pm.
~ Stevie was making his "grandpa face," (I think he was laughing through it though...)
That's all... apparently Kendra is more of a grandma than Stevie is a grandpa, but they are married and therefore one can bring the other down.
All in all it was one darn good party, and I am just thrilled to have such a beautiful one year old niece!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Shyla turns one!

ThankfulThroughThursday 20thDayIsTheBest

Oh. My. Gosh.
It is the 20th. AND Thursday.
But that's not all... it is an even extra special 20th because today... ladies and gentlemen... is SHYLA MAY'S FIRST BIRTHDAY!

Happy Happy Birthday Shyla! And, happy baby-birthday to Kendra and Stevie, who have embraced parenthood absolutely amazingly. You guys are inspirational (and sleep deprived... sorry!) parents.
Love you all!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

One great weekend!

What a weekend!
Saturday started off with the basics - breakfast and running some errands. The kids were happy and in good moods, and all was good.
After nap, I took them over to my parents house, where they engage in activities such as the following:

Lilly and grandpa climbing.

Zac and grandma enjoying a treat.

They spent the night over there so that Jeremy and I could go to a BBQ at my good friend Stephanie's house. Let me give you just a quick background on me and Stephanie. We met in preschool. Yep, age 3. Best friends through Junior High. Sometime around high school we lost touch - we went to different high schools and this was before facebook, email or even everyone having cell phones. It happens. I beat myself up over it for a lot of years, but I don't have to anymore. By college we had completely lost touch and were going our separate ways. When I started my facebook account a year (ish) ago, I searched for her. No luck. A couple of months ago, I had a "friend request" from her. She found me.
We reconnected and have become fast friends... again. Last night we got to meet her husband and meet some of their friends - everyone was wonderful. Included in the group was one other friend from Junior High, Kim, who I also haven't seen in so many years. Kim is expecting her first baby this month. A girl named... wait for it... Lilly (not sure on how they are spelling it, but you get the idea).
Anyhow, we had a blast. I took no pictures, but that's ok because there is time and will be plenty of get togethers.

Anyhow, due to the fact that the kids were at my parent's, I got to sleep in this morning. Then, I ran the 5 miles to their house. It was a rough run, but I was glad to get one in! Mom drove us home, and this was the scene not long later:

Zac crashed in his crib.

Lilly crashed on the couch.

My parents sure do wear them out!
After nap, we went BACK to my parent's house for dinner, and the kids are now tucked into dreamland.
All things considered, it was a great weekend! How was yours?

Friday, May 14, 2010


Jeremy reminded me that I haven't done a flashback lately! How terrible! He reminded me by forwarding me this picture that buddy Greg took. 

This was taken at Daffodil Hill, near Sacramento not long after Lilly was born. The date on the picture is March 31, 2007. So, she was just over one month old. 

Jeremy, I love you. But I can't help but notice that you still have (and wear, ahem) this same shirt frequently. Um, and the hat. Shoot, and the shorts. 
Lilly and I got rid of these outfits long ago. Just saying. 
As long as I'm picking on people, look at how fat I look!
Lilly, though... she looks beautiful.

Happy Friday! 

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thankful Through Thursday!

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What am I thankful for this Thursday? Well, for one, I'm thankful that it is Thursday! Whew this has been one long week!

I'm a teacher, and we have about 2 weeks of school left before summer. This means that the students (Cue "teacher voice") have a bit more energy and excitement than they are capable of handling in an acceptable manner. In "non teacher but really tired old lady voice" this sounds a lot like, "They. Are. Crazy."

Oh, but back to being thankful... last night the kids and I got home to a wonderful homemade meal that Jeremy had simmering away in the Crockpot. He was at work, but the kids and I ate well, and I didn't have to lift a finger. I'm thankful for Jeremy and his healthy cooking.

I am thankful for these two, who make me smile every. single. day.

Ok, since you twisted my arm, one cute kid story about each cute kid.

Zac. We got to daycare a bit earlier than usual today, so Zac was allowed to sit at the table in the main room to eat his snack with the "big kids" rather than being taken back to the "baby room" to eat in a highchair. The look of excitement and pride on his face was adorable! This has happened before, a time or two... that kid can't wait to be BIG.

Lilly. Lilly has gotten to the point where she can get completely undressed and completely with almost no assistance at all (depending on the outfit). This brings out that same look of pride. Also, she sang to me this morning - Rockabye Baby - and wouldn't let me sing along because SHE was the mommy and I was the baby. In fact, she's really getting into singing lately. Stinkin' cute, I say.

What are you thankful for??

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bathing Beauties!

Just a quick shot of these two beauties after bath tonight!

They are pretty happy bathing together these days. Lilly prefers Zac not to splash, and he does a pretty good job of restraining himself.
Cute, cute, cute!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Lilly's first library book!

Lilly's school just started offering "lending books" for kids to check old via good 'ol fashioned check out cards. She got her first book on Friday, after the center director told her the rules. She was able to repeat them all weekend, and she stuck to them exactly!

She was SO cute! We returned the book today and she is looking forward to getting a new book. 
I wrote a combined Children's Book post about this on Vicarious Chelsea, if you're interested in knowing the rules. Oh, and she is quite the little fashionista isn't she?!? I just love that she is learning what library books are and how to be responsible!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day 2010!

Happy, Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies out there, and the ones who are watching over us.

I had a lovely day. Lilly woke me up with a smile this morning (ok, letting me sleep in past 5:30 would have been a bonus, but we can't have it all, right?), and we got to have some "girl time" before the boys woke up.

Then, we got ready for our Mother's Day brunch!

I love having the family over. My grandparents made it today, which was so special. Aren't they the absolute best couple ever? 60 years of marriage people. 60. Years. Wow!

Us ladies basking in the sun! My sis and I are sitting, next to grandma (seats of honor, of course). The top row, from left to right is my mom, cousin Kay, Pat (Kendra's mother-in-law) and aunt Nanette.

Same group of ladies, but inside and with babies.

And, my beautiful, wonderful, amazing mommy with two of her grandkids.

Thanks mom, for being a constant example of what motherhood is!

Sidenote - this was my sister's first official Mother's Day (Shyla was mere weeks from being born last year, so she was already a mom in my opinion, but still... first official). Kendra, I just have to say that you are rockin' motherhood!
It was also a HUGE bonus that Jeremy had the whole day off today, so he was able to spend it with me! In the afternoon, after brunch, we had some good family fun BBQing and taking a walk and just playing! All in all, a great day!

So, happy happy Mother's Day to all of the mommies out there - friends who are embracing motherhood (we're struggling through together, at least), friends' moms, mommies to be (there seem to be many of you these days), and mommies who are looking down on us (probably laughing at our silly mistakes)... you all know who you are and you all mean the world to me.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thankful Through Thursday!

Can anyone else NOT believe that it is May? My goodness!

I don't have a ton of time today (thankful that I have a job and life that keeps me busy), but I'm always thankful for these two sleepyheads!


These pics were taken this am. Lilly gets up when it is "dark light" which means the sun has just barely began rising over the mountains. Nice.
Zac wakes up whenever someone goes in to wake him up! 

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Movin' on up...

You've all met my husband, right?
Today, he interviewed for ... and RECEIVED... a promotion.
A very {very} much deserved promotion.
We are SOOOO proud of him!

So, we dusted off a nice bottle of wine tonight to celebrate!
Actually, we had forgotten about this bottle for a while - It came from Illuminare and was signed by the owner the first time we visited them after having Lilly "See the 'It's a Girl'"? We remembered them saying that this particular bottle isn't one to save for too many years, so it worked to open it tonight.
It. Was. Delicious.
But I digress...
Jeremy, I love you and I am so proud of you. You deserve it!


We L-O-V-E books! Here are some of our newest favorites!
The top left one is a Peas and Bananas book written by Daddy Bookins, who was at Bloggy Boot Camp ~ he even signed it to Lilly and Zac! Lilly and I read it the night I got home, and she absolutely loves it!

The other two were from my good friend Suzanne! Suzanne bought them and then decided that they were a better fit for me and Lilly, so she surprised me by putting them in my work mailbox yesterday. Lilly and I read them both last night, and they really really were perfect! Suzanne... thank you! Lilly loves them, and I think I love them even more!

I will leave you with a couple of pictures of the kids... I love how Zac is using his spoon and Lilly is, well, not! Ha!

Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Hi ... again!

Do I still have any readers here?

Or do I hear crickets???

So, The Yager Family blog is back up! I think I will continue with Vicarious Chelsea, but I'll keep the family blog here... 

If you're interested in us - our daily comings and goings, the kids crazy sayings and activities, please put me back on your blogroll, google reader, etc.

I look forward to thrilling you with lots pictures of the kids very soon! For starters, after I got home from Bloggy Boot Camp today (I'll be blogging about that on VC for anyone who is interested), I met Jeremy and the kids at the zoo!

That's the only picture I have ready for now, but I wanted to yell "STOP" to everyone erasing The Yager Family Blog from your minds just yet. 

Hope everyone had a good weekend!