Friday, May 14, 2010


Jeremy reminded me that I haven't done a flashback lately! How terrible! He reminded me by forwarding me this picture that buddy Greg took. 

This was taken at Daffodil Hill, near Sacramento not long after Lilly was born. The date on the picture is March 31, 2007. So, she was just over one month old. 

Jeremy, I love you. But I can't help but notice that you still have (and wear, ahem) this same shirt frequently. Um, and the hat. Shoot, and the shorts. 
Lilly and I got rid of these outfits long ago. Just saying. 
As long as I'm picking on people, look at how fat I look!
Lilly, though... she looks beautiful.

Happy Friday! 


Suzanne said...

Awesome photo, and quite the flashback. Mind if I copy the idea?

Natalie said...

You have a 1 month old. Give yourself a break. :)

Great flashback. I should do one one of these days.

Hubby said...

Hey in my defense at least they still fit...oh and didn't you just do a post on being fashionable on a budget. Didn't think that would come back to bite you huh...? You look great then and now!