Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thankful Through Thursday!

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What am I thankful for this Thursday? Well, for one, I'm thankful that it is Thursday! Whew this has been one long week!

I'm a teacher, and we have about 2 weeks of school left before summer. This means that the students (Cue "teacher voice") have a bit more energy and excitement than they are capable of handling in an acceptable manner. In "non teacher but really tired old lady voice" this sounds a lot like, "They. Are. Crazy."

Oh, but back to being thankful... last night the kids and I got home to a wonderful homemade meal that Jeremy had simmering away in the Crockpot. He was at work, but the kids and I ate well, and I didn't have to lift a finger. I'm thankful for Jeremy and his healthy cooking.

I am thankful for these two, who make me smile every. single. day.

Ok, since you twisted my arm, one cute kid story about each cute kid.

Zac. We got to daycare a bit earlier than usual today, so Zac was allowed to sit at the table in the main room to eat his snack with the "big kids" rather than being taken back to the "baby room" to eat in a highchair. The look of excitement and pride on his face was adorable! This has happened before, a time or two... that kid can't wait to be BIG.

Lilly. Lilly has gotten to the point where she can get completely undressed and completely with almost no assistance at all (depending on the outfit). This brings out that same look of pride. Also, she sang to me this morning - Rockabye Baby - and wouldn't let me sing along because SHE was the mommy and I was the baby. In fact, she's really getting into singing lately. Stinkin' cute, I say.

What are you thankful for??


Your Mom said...

I say my grandkids are awfully adorable! They make me smile just thinking about them. I am thankful that in grandkids, you get to do it all over again!

Natalie said...

Spencer has been pretty into singing too. Really into singing actually. He sings all day long. I love it.

What did Jeremy make in the crockpot? I go through phases with mine- sometimes I use it a lot (like 4 nights a week) and then others (like now) I don't use it all all.