Sunday, May 23, 2010

Shyla's First Birthday Party!

As you all know (if you read my last post), Shyla has officially turned one. My sis and Stevie threw one heck of a bash at my parent's house this weekend. Here is the birthday girl with her beautiful mommy:

Let's get right to the cake! Shyla is, apparently, not a huge fan of cupcakes bigger than her head. Was it the cupcake? The size? Or all the people? Whatever it was, she was not liking it. I like the look on my sister's face here. To me, it simply says, "really???"
And, the infamous Castle Cake! Why infamous? I'm glad you asked! Our mom made me a castle cake one year when I was a kid. Kendra never got one. Why? Because they love me more, I figure. Oh, or Kendra was the second child. Whatever the reason, it has been a bone of contention ever since. So, it was only fitting that Shyla got one for her first. Turned out darn good, huh?

The happy family with Grandma Forgacs... not sure why she is threatening the happy family with a knife, but it made for a great photo opp!

Had to include one of Lilly, eating her cake and cone... I get lost in her beauty sometimes...

This was, of course, after she blew out Shyla's candle on it's way to the birthday girl. THAT was a priceless moment.
Where are the pics of Zac? I have no idea! That boy is constant motion, and managed to get left out of every picture!

One more pic of grandma and grandpa:
Not grandma and grandpa you say? Well, funny, because Lilly accidently called Kendra grandma twice and Stevie grandpa once. So, let's compare Kendra and Stevie to, well, older people.
~ Kendra has a bad habit of saying "Wipper Snapper."
~ Kendra is drinking coffee here, at 6:30pm.
~ Stevie was making his "grandpa face," (I think he was laughing through it though...)
That's all... apparently Kendra is more of a grandma than Stevie is a grandpa, but they are married and therefore one can bring the other down.
All in all it was one darn good party, and I am just thrilled to have such a beautiful one year old niece!


Natalie said...

Ahhh. Happy Birthday Shyla! Man, that year went fast!

I am so jealous of the castle cake. I will have to add it to the list of cakes I want to bake.

Looks like a fun party. Anyone who drinks hot coffee at night is automatically old.

Suzanne said...

You are a hysterical writer and you are right, Lilly is beautiful! Could that be my excuse why I wiped frosting off her face at one point, in case the paparazzi or modeling agency were to have arrived? I'm still a little embarrassed I did that, and hope, publicly, that that mommy urge goes away!

The Yager Family said...

Suzanne, you are crazy! For the record, anyone who wants to help out by wiping a mouth now and then, you are SO welcome.
Ok, by "anyone" I mean people I know. Creepers stay away. Suzanne and other friends... that frosting mustache is all yours!