Tuesday, May 4, 2010


We L-O-V-E books! Here are some of our newest favorites!
The top left one is a Peas and Bananas book written by Daddy Bookins, who was at Bloggy Boot Camp ~ he even signed it to Lilly and Zac! Lilly and I read it the night I got home, and she absolutely loves it!

The other two were from my good friend Suzanne! Suzanne bought them and then decided that they were a better fit for me and Lilly, so she surprised me by putting them in my work mailbox yesterday. Lilly and I read them both last night, and they really really were perfect! Suzanne... thank you! Lilly loves them, and I think I love them even more!

I will leave you with a couple of pictures of the kids... I love how Zac is using his spoon and Lilly is, well, not! Ha!

Happy Tuesday!


Suzanne said...

Ah...thanks Chelsea! I love your kids! Funny, Soren uses his fingers for EVERYTHING now too, even ketchup, straight onto the finger into the mouth. Oh wait, yesterday he spooned up a bunch of ketchup, with a spoon, but no meat, no anything with it. At least they are eating, right?

Erin said...

Yes, you still have readers and it's me! The new books look great -- part of my therapy program with the k-3rd grade bunch is reading books with a message and I might just have to peruse these new teacher-endorsed ones!

Natalie said...

My school had a book fair last week and I bought 3 books for Spencer. The intention is to wait and give them to him for his 3rd b-day. I'm having a hard time waiting! Love books!