Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Odds and ends!

Hi all! Just a couple random pics that I wanted to share...

My friend Stephanie (Metropolitan Mama) shared with me her recipe for Peanut Butter Balls last week. So, Lilly and I tried them out. They were a HIT! Now, Lilly asks for them every other day!
Here she is, making them the first time. Things I love about this picture include: that dress (Yep, she's wearing it, again), that hair, that face, that mess. Love, love, love!

The next day, enjoying the fruits of her labors!
Zac STILL does not like peanut butter. I thought the peanut butter balls might entice him... or at least he wouldn't realize what it was since they were dredged in powdered sugar, dark cocoa, or crushed pretzels. He wanted one but as soon as it got NEAR him he shook "NO," and wouldn't touch it. Crazy!
So, here is a picture of him eating something else instead... maybe a waffle?

And, one of him dismembering the "gumball tree" that he made at school. He loves throwing things away (especially when it is something he is ALLOWED to throw in the trash), so he tore each gumball off and threw it away, came to get a hug, then went back for the next gumball. Pretty cute!

One more, Lilly and Zac in baskets. Sadly, the new rule is that we can't climb in the baskets, because Zac leaned back and almost fell, which scared me. Yes, I shoulda seen it coming. But they were so darn cute!

I love that he wants to do everything she does. I hate that it frustrates him when he can't.
I love that she cheers him on.
I love when they share, and hate when they fight.
These are all things that go along with being siblings... such special times and experiences!


Natalie said...

I am quite looking forward to starting Spencer on nuts when he turns 3. There are so many yummy treats out there to try. Might you share your recipe for these pb balls? I'm intrigued by the crushed pretzels.

Suzanne said...

Yeah, I think I get all the love and hate, all the fighting that Soren should have with a sibling comes my way. Is that how it works for a single child? I love the fun photos of the kids. They are so cute!

Daddy/Hubby said...

ok was Lilly trying to show "leg" in that last picture?...just a father's concern. I love you goofballs! (by the way, peanut butter balls too)