Monday, May 10, 2010

Lilly's first library book!

Lilly's school just started offering "lending books" for kids to check old via good 'ol fashioned check out cards. She got her first book on Friday, after the center director told her the rules. She was able to repeat them all weekend, and she stuck to them exactly!

She was SO cute! We returned the book today and she is looking forward to getting a new book. 
I wrote a combined Children's Book post about this on Vicarious Chelsea, if you're interested in knowing the rules. Oh, and she is quite the little fashionista isn't she?!? I just love that she is learning what library books are and how to be responsible!


Suzanne said...

I was telling Steve about the lending library today and he was sharing how interesting it would be to have Soren's saliva-covered hands all over the books. Yeah...he might need a little time... VERY cute photo of Lilly!

Natalie said...

I'm really digging the shorts with boots. There is nothing more fashionable than a 1 inch strip of knee showing.

Michael takes Spencer to the public library every Tuesday for story time. They return the books from the previous week and get new books. They've been doing this for long enough that Spencer now have favorite library books that keep making reappearances every 5-6weeks.

Erin = ) said...

Oh, what fun! My love affair with the library started at an early age, so good for Lilly! One warning: I got SO attached to a few books and checked them out so often that the library had to ask that my Mom bought them for me because no one else got to read you can see, it's a very passionate love affair with the library that I have!