Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bathing Beauties!

Just a quick shot of these two beauties after bath tonight!

They are pretty happy bathing together these days. Lilly prefers Zac not to splash, and he does a pretty good job of restraining himself.
Cute, cute, cute!


Natalie said...

My favorite part is the blanket on top of Lilly. I don't know why- it just makes me laugh.

Suzanne said...

Very cute! Don't you just love that wet look? Every since Soren was super little he would crawl in my lap to be dried off. Now he still does it. It is funny for this big boy to be trying to fit on my lap, while being silly. I've had to get these super big towels to bundle him in.

santi said...

oh, your family is so cute..

what a cute little girl,,
handsome little boy..

oh my god..
i wanna come to your house..