Friday, February 27, 2009

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Both kids had doctor appointments today. Zac got shots, Lilly did not. Everything looks great with both of them! Here are their stats:

Zac is 13 lbs and 22&3/4 inches.

Lilly is 27.8 lbs and 32&3/4 inches.

Both are pretty close to 50% percentile, Zac a little higher in weight (it's those cheeks!).

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Just some random thoughts and shots over the last few days...
This first one is Lilly reading her birthday card from Grandma and Grandpa Yager. Thank you! Lilly has impressed me and daddy lately by saying the letters of the alphabet on her own with us just pointing at them!

Here, Lilly is playing tea with her bear. We all have had SO much tea since she got this tea set for her birthday from Natalie, Michael and Spencer.
This was a fun morning. First, check out the bed head. Next, the fashon statement of wearing new shorts over her pajama pants. Then, she had to put the sticker from said shorts on her arm like a bandaid and show me her boo boo. What a funny girl!

Here's my boy having some tummy time.

Here's what I should have been doing instead of taking silly pictures! Ha!

Here I am trying to feed Zac with my chin so that I can multitask. It worked just long enough for me to snap a picture. (I know Zac looks worried, but he always does... it really has nothing to do with the chin feeding).
So I tried having Lilly be a big helper. This worked... again, just about long enough for me to take the picture!
Sometimes, Lilly wants to regress to being a baby too. I tell her that she'll always be my baby too, no matter how old or big she gets. But, I know that she won't truly understand until she has babies of her own...
Finally, I took this picture about 5 minutes ago... The picture of course does not do it justice, but I'm sitting here looking out the window, just thinking, "I love these mountains!"

Hope your week is off to a great start!

Friday, February 20, 2009


Ok, as promised, here are pictures of the birthday girl and our Chuck E Cheese evening. Here she is after daycare, wearing the hat they made for her!

And let's not forget our 2 month old boy... I swear I didn't buy him that super cute outfit (thanks Marg!!!).Ahhh the fun and games at Chuck E Cheese!

She opened our present that we had saved for today.

Ate yummy pizza.

Rode lots of rides.

More rides...

Zac hung out with grandma and grandpa.

Or should I say... crazy grandma!Dad got in on some rides (I love Lilly's expression here!).

And mom got in on some rides too (Not such a big fan of my expression here!)

Uncle Stevie... another great expression.
And Auntie Kendra (she's still glowing! That baby girl in her belly will be here before we know it!).
And finally, a family photo... many, many tries to get a good one!

What a fun evening! Now, as both babies sleep, I am sneaking a mini-cupcake (it's my first one, I swear!) and getting ready to turn in myself!
Happy 2nd Birthday, again, to our sweet little girl! And, of course, happy 2 months to our sweet little boy. We are truly the luckiest parents in the world!


Today is Lilly's real birthday!! It really goes by so fast! Zac is also 2 months old today! Wow what a day!

We haven't taken pictures yet today, but we're going to Chuck E Cheese tonight, so we'll be sure to take some then. Until then, here's a few recent favs...

Here are the mini cupcakes I made for Lilly to take to daycare today.

This is Zac watching me frost the cupcakes. What a good boy! Maybe this smile was because he thought he would get one?? Sorry Zac... but you'll be eating cupcakes before we know it!!
Here I am reading to my babies - I love it when they're both up for a good book!

My grandma interacting with Zac down at the Post yesterday.

And, Lilly being silly last night on the couch.

Stay tuned for more pics from today!


Down 3.6 :)

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Wow, my beautiful little girl is two years old! Well, almost... her actual birthday is this coming week, but we had her birthday party yesterday! Lots of friends and family...
I won't label all the pictures, and there are way too many to include them all, but here are some of my many favorites...

Boy was she tired by the end of the night!!

Friday, February 13, 2009


Lilly has a Valentines Day Party at school (daycare) today. Here is her cute outfit! She was kinda grumpy this morning (she is her father's daughter, after all, and not a big fan of mornings), but reminding her of her party sure made her happy!

I got some grief about this, but I made heart shaped cheese for her to bring to her party. I figure they'll have plenty of cookies and candy! Ok, ok, I'm a dork, but kids love cheese!!!
Here is the yummy cheese again with her Elmo Valentines... the girl does love Elmo!

I wouldn't forget a pic of Zac... here is is sleeping, which he has been doing such a good job of lately! Most nights he goes down around 9 and doesn't need to eat again till 5am!

We hope everyone has a happy Valentines Day tomorrow!


Down 1.4... better than nothin I guess.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Kendra and Stevie are having a girl!!! We can't wait to meet Baby Girl Forgacs!!