Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Both kids had doctor appointments today. Zac got shots, Lilly did not. Everything looks great with both of them! Here are their stats:

Zac is 13 lbs and 22&3/4 inches.

Lilly is 27.8 lbs and 32&3/4 inches.

Both are pretty close to 50% percentile, Zac a little higher in weight (it's those cheeks!).


Natalie said...

Spencer was 7 months old before he was 13 pounds. No wonder I don't recognize Zac as a newborn! Although I guess Zac's officially an infant and not a newborn anymore. Way to go Yager kids!

Suzanne said...

Soren is not far behind that Lilly girl!!!!!

I love the photo of you chin-feeding Zac too. I must say that you look a little worried yourself! :) Cute idea!