Friday, February 20, 2009


Today is Lilly's real birthday!! It really goes by so fast! Zac is also 2 months old today! Wow what a day!

We haven't taken pictures yet today, but we're going to Chuck E Cheese tonight, so we'll be sure to take some then. Until then, here's a few recent favs...

Here are the mini cupcakes I made for Lilly to take to daycare today.

This is Zac watching me frost the cupcakes. What a good boy! Maybe this smile was because he thought he would get one?? Sorry Zac... but you'll be eating cupcakes before we know it!!
Here I am reading to my babies - I love it when they're both up for a good book!

My grandma interacting with Zac down at the Post yesterday.

And, Lilly being silly last night on the couch.

Stay tuned for more pics from today!

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