Sunday, February 8, 2009


Just a collection of pictures from the last week or so...
Lilly loves to help with the laundry! Ok, I know her face doesn't really show it here, but this day I had mentioned doing laundry, then lost the motivation. Lilly, however, did not. She came to me, said "lan-d?" with a shrug as if to ask why we weren't doing it. So, we had to go and get her laundry, which she proceeded to drag outside to the machine.

She helps me put the clothes in ...
Then helpes move them to the dryer...

All done!
I have to say, laundry takes a lot longer this way (don't even get me started on folding!), but it sure is a lot more fun!

This is just a happy Zac... probably because his mom and sister are doing all the chores while he is chillin in a bouncing chair!

Here is a cool picture Jer took of a sunset while he was BBQing.

This picture is odd, but has two purposes. One, to show Lilly's pigtails, which HAD to have the green ("GEEN") ties in instead of the pink ones mom had picked out.
Also, she is holding "bear bear" and "tutle" who had an adventure of their own last week when they were left at daycare and mom, Lilly and Zac had to go pick them up after closing. Thank goodness the site director, Eileen, was still there!

Lilly eating pancakes with "juice" (syrup is way too hard to say!).
PS It took me two days to figure out that Lilly wanted pancakes when she would say "banbaas."
Lilly with her bow hat going down the slides.
Last but not least, my two babies hanging out...


Anonymous said...

What BEAUTIFUL children!!! (I want a hard copy of the Lilly and Zac one) love MOM

Suzanne said...

Oh my gosh! Lilly looks too cute with those pigtails! Think Soren would appreciate that if I let his hair grow a bit more? :) We're looking forward to seeing you at the party. I'm also so glad Zac seems to be feeling better.