Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wedding Anniversary!

Who would have guessed we'd make it to our 4th wedding anniversary?!?
Well... I guess we would have guessed it, of course! To celebrate, we went out to dinner tonight to Macaroni Grill. Alone. Without our wonderful children. Just us. Adults. It was GREAT!

Thanks again so much to my parents for watching Lilly and Zac. We got home just in time to put them to bed, which was nice. Then, Jeremy built a fire in the back and we sat and watched the stars for a few minutes.

Here is a pic from our wedding!
I love you Yager!

Monday, April 27, 2009

We Love the Zoo!!

We LOVE the zoo! On Sunday, we had plans to meet up with my very good friend Natalie, her hubby Michael and son Spencer, who is just a bit younger than Lilly. Lilly was so excited to get going... here she is on the way, with purse and juice in hand!
Spencer and Lilly rode in the double stroller, while Zac was in the single. These two look like twins (no prior planning was involved with the outfits).
Lilly usually wants to walk on her own through the zoo, until she gets tired, but yesterday she rode with Spencer for majority of the morning. We think they were both a little surprised to be sitting next to each other... which actually made for some very well behaved children =)
Ahhh the giraffes... my personal favorite! 
And, feeding the ducks! I took a few great pictures of Natalie, Michael and Spencer. Unfortunately, I realized later, that all the pics of them I took were on their own camera. So, here is Michael's profile and Natalie's legs.
I felt a little bad for Michael. Jeremy was working and couldn't enjoy the zoo, and Natalie and I talk talk talk the whole time, and Michael had no men to chat with. BUT then I read her blog and was reminded that he got to cruise around the zoo looking like he had two blonde wives, so all was good.
A closer look at the "twins."
Here's me and my girl =)
And this was Zac's zoo experience. It is pretty similar to his last zoo experience. He did wake up at the very end, and seemed to enjoy being outside. 
The kids loved running around in the grassy area near the snack bar.
And the drive home looked very similar to most post-zoo drives.
When I took this picture, and thought about how it compared to the pre-zoo drive, I noticed ... no purse =( Oh well, she hasn't noticed yet!

After the zoo, we headed over to my parent's house as we do most Sundays. Lilly refused to take much more of a nap than in the car, so she was a bit cranky, but not too bad.
My dad got to be in charge of Zac alone for a little bit... see what happens:
What a fun day!

I also got to leave the kids with my parents for a while and go visit Laura & Josh and baby Sara in the hospital. What fun!!  Laura is doing great and Sara is just perfect. Another huge congratulations to the whole family!!!

Have a great week everyone!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


We had Kendra's baby shower yesterday! What a fun day! She got so much great stuff, and should be totally ready for baby Shyla's arrival! Thanks so much to both grandmas (my mom and Pat) for helping make it such a great day =)


And on a side note... a huge congratulations to our very good friends Josh and Laura, who welcomed their little girl into the world Saturday morning!! We can't wait to meet her!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

The 20th!

With Lilly & Zac both being born on the 20th of their respective birth months, it always seems fitting to make sure to post on the 20th... even if it's a bit random.

Here are some shots from today. I love the progression that these first three pictures show. Each was taken within, literally, 1 minute of the next one. First... Zac is hanging out, enjoying his swing.

1 minute later, he is quietly looking a little less satisfied.
And about 26 seconds later...
SO cute! Meanwhile, Lilly is (mostly) back to her happy self. We have been going to bed earlier, which seems to help. She did end up losing it tonight a little bit, but it was when Jeremy started getting her ready for bed, which probably reminded her that she was tired. Here she is with a book that she had been looking at.
And here she is in her new booster chair at our house. She's had a booster at my parent's for a while now, but until today she was still in a highchair at home. Jeremy and I decided to move her to a booster for a couple reasons. First, she suddenly started wanting to sit in our chairs at the table and eat. Also, we figured that this way the highchair can "go away" for a few months and then come back when Zac is ready for it - this way she doesn't think he's "kicking her out" of the highchair. Instead, she's just graduating to a big girl chair.

Finally, this picture was taken yesterday in the sunglasses that Lilly picked out.
I hope everyone's week is off to a great start :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Happy Friday (almost)! We hope everyone is finishing up a great week. Confused by the title of this post? Let me explain...
Lilly has had a very rough week. My best guess is that she is overtired, so she has been (very willingly) going to bed early. Still, we've had some VERY rough mornings and some VERY rough evenings... not every morning or every evening, but off and on. I didn't have the heart (or the forethought) to take any pictures of the tantrums, but here is a lovely shot of her ordering Zac out of the swing he was trying out for the first time, because she wanted her bear to sit there. That did not happen.

Through all the horrible screaming fits, I've watched Zac, who just sits and watches and is very patient, waiting his turn for whatever he needs. I've been very thankful that it hasn't freaked him out and that he is just such a mellow, easygoing baby. Then... late last night... I had a horrible thought. Zac is watching Lilly have all these meltdowns during very formidable years. What if he ends up marrying a lunatic because of it?!? These are the things that keep mommys up at night...

Lilly, though all her craziness, still has very sweet moments as well. Here she is reading a book to her baby. Ok, so at least my daughter-in-law will be a sweet, well read lunatic.

Zac is now LOVING this activity center. Jeremy and I sit at dinner and watch him, and are just in awe of his development. He can turn himself all the way around, playing with each toy on the way. One particular toy makes noise and music, and he really likes it. We watched him try and try to make the music happen, eventually being successful. Once it started, he moved on to the next toy. SO cool to see him know what makes noise and be physically able to make it happen.
While Zac is playing, Lilly is eating her dinner. Here she is doing a superb job of eating her peas with a spoon. The last couple of days she has asked for cereal and milk as her after school snack, so she hasn't eaten a great dinner. But, I figure there are worse ways for her to ruin her appetite than cereal and milk.And one more shot of our little man. He now rolls from his back to his belly with very little effort, which is also so cool to see. They grow so fast...
Here's hoping everyone has a nice Friday!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Happy Easter to all our family and friends!

What a fun day we had! We went to my parent's house for Easter, where there were of course lots of presents. This is earlier in the day when Lilly got to open her Easter basket!

Zac got a basket too, but this is just a picture of him watching Lilly.

Stevie & Kendra.

And the Easter Egg hunt! Lilly was wearing her super cute "Princess" dress from grandma & grandpa Yager. She had a blast looking for and finding lots of eggs. I think there were 20-ish eggs hidden in Palmer Playland (previously known as Lilly Land - now Palmer Playland is more PC due to Zac and Shyla). Based on the number of times eggs fell from her basket and she got to rediscover them, she probably found 50 eggs. Pretty good stuff! I took SO many pictures - here are just a few!
Running towards a found egg...

Giving grandpa a warning "no no" - he obviously did something wrong...

Right there!!
Jeannette helping Lilly find a particularly elusive egg.My uncle Pete couldn't be here, because he is in Las Vegas for a bowling tournament. When we came inside from the egg hunt, we realized that the tournament was televised, and there he was!
There was lots of cheering and yelling!

Then... one by one we all started realizing (or being told) that, while he was in fact in Las Vegas, THIS particular tournament was one that was filmed a couple of years ago. Then, the fun really began, as we all got to see how long it took various people to find out.
Shockingly (ha ha), my mom and Pat were the very last to find out - significantly after the fact. Good times! Stevie took the majority of the heat for the trick, though my dad and Pete were actually the masterminds (at least that's what I understand... it's impossible to know what to believe anymore).

Anyhow, here are Kendra and mom with Jeannette and Aaron - we are SO glad they came... and we sincerely apologize for ... well... just for everything. ha!
Lilly wanted to give Zac an egg, which was very sweet. She gave it to him while he napped.
After Zac woke up, he hung out with Aaron for a while.
Kay, Pat & Grandma
Steve, grandpa, Jeremy & Dad

Stevie with Lilly.

Nanette with Zac.I don't have a picture of the other BIG news story of the day...
When everyone arrived this afternoon, Lilly was napping. There was lots of talking and greeting, but we had the monitor on and didn't hear a thing from Lilly. A few minutes after everyone arrived, Lilly comes running out in her t-shirt and diaper, hair a huge mess (bed head), and a ginormous smile on her face. Super cute, and I fully thought my dad had heard her wake up and gotten her out of bed. Boy was I wrong. As it turns out, Lilly had woken up, climbed out of her playpen by herself, opened the bedroom door by herself, and came on out to join the party. Later, she showed me exactly how she had climbed out and landed on her feet. Yikes!! Looks like it's time for a big girl bed!!

Jeannette and I were brainstorming possible names for this post, based on conversations around the dinner table. A few notable suggestions:
"Bite me Snow White!"
"Apparently, my husband can nurse a baby."
"There are dead people in your church?"
"Now what's wrong with the meringue?"
And, this one came up multiple times...
"Shut up and listen!"

Ahhh... good times!
All in all, it was a great day! :)