Saturday, April 4, 2009


We had a party today for Kendra & Stevie and their upcoming arrival. Here is the happy expectant couple!

Here are a variety of pictures - I took a ton, and can't include them all... but here are a couple!

Here is Lilly in a super cute pink tulip dress. Thanks to Grandma & Grandpa Yager for this and another, equally cute, dress!! Lilly was such a good girl at the party!
And Zac was such a good boy! He was happy the whole time - here he is just getting sleepy for his nap.

Dan and Erin came all the way from San Diego!

And, of course, the presents!!
Stevie is going to look hot carrying around this shiny gold diaper bag!
Kendra and mom.And Kendra with me. My sister is so beautiful!!
It was such a fun party! We will have a more traditional shower for her later, but wanted to have something that includes Stevie and was geared towards their closest friends - men and women. We just can't wait to meet little Shyla May!!


Suzanne said...

Beautiful post of some beautiful gals (oh, and guys too....). Your sis does look great! I can't wait to meet her either. :)

Great fun today with the kiddos! We need to do something like it again soon!

Natalie said...

Is there a single weekend in the last 2 months that you haven't been to a baby shower?! Lilly's dress is super cute. Will she be wearing it for Easter?