Monday, April 27, 2009

We Love the Zoo!!

We LOVE the zoo! On Sunday, we had plans to meet up with my very good friend Natalie, her hubby Michael and son Spencer, who is just a bit younger than Lilly. Lilly was so excited to get going... here she is on the way, with purse and juice in hand!
Spencer and Lilly rode in the double stroller, while Zac was in the single. These two look like twins (no prior planning was involved with the outfits).
Lilly usually wants to walk on her own through the zoo, until she gets tired, but yesterday she rode with Spencer for majority of the morning. We think they were both a little surprised to be sitting next to each other... which actually made for some very well behaved children =)
Ahhh the giraffes... my personal favorite! 
And, feeding the ducks! I took a few great pictures of Natalie, Michael and Spencer. Unfortunately, I realized later, that all the pics of them I took were on their own camera. So, here is Michael's profile and Natalie's legs.
I felt a little bad for Michael. Jeremy was working and couldn't enjoy the zoo, and Natalie and I talk talk talk the whole time, and Michael had no men to chat with. BUT then I read her blog and was reminded that he got to cruise around the zoo looking like he had two blonde wives, so all was good.
A closer look at the "twins."
Here's me and my girl =)
And this was Zac's zoo experience. It is pretty similar to his last zoo experience. He did wake up at the very end, and seemed to enjoy being outside. 
The kids loved running around in the grassy area near the snack bar.
And the drive home looked very similar to most post-zoo drives.
When I took this picture, and thought about how it compared to the pre-zoo drive, I noticed ... no purse =( Oh well, she hasn't noticed yet!

After the zoo, we headed over to my parent's house as we do most Sundays. Lilly refused to take much more of a nap than in the car, so she was a bit cranky, but not too bad.
My dad got to be in charge of Zac alone for a little bit... see what happens:
What a fun day!

I also got to leave the kids with my parents for a while and go visit Laura & Josh and baby Sara in the hospital. What fun!!  Laura is doing great and Sara is just perfect. Another huge congratulations to the whole family!!!

Have a great week everyone!!


Natalie said...

I like how Spencer is eating in a bunch of those pictures- it was a snacky kind of day. I love that we cross referenced each other on our blogs. We'll have to plan some other event so we can do it again.

Suzanne said...

What fun it looks like you had! I think Soren and Lilly would have a great time too. It has been since December since Soren has gone. Cute, cute!