Sunday, April 12, 2009


Happy Easter to all our family and friends!

What a fun day we had! We went to my parent's house for Easter, where there were of course lots of presents. This is earlier in the day when Lilly got to open her Easter basket!

Zac got a basket too, but this is just a picture of him watching Lilly.

Stevie & Kendra.

And the Easter Egg hunt! Lilly was wearing her super cute "Princess" dress from grandma & grandpa Yager. She had a blast looking for and finding lots of eggs. I think there were 20-ish eggs hidden in Palmer Playland (previously known as Lilly Land - now Palmer Playland is more PC due to Zac and Shyla). Based on the number of times eggs fell from her basket and she got to rediscover them, she probably found 50 eggs. Pretty good stuff! I took SO many pictures - here are just a few!
Running towards a found egg...

Giving grandpa a warning "no no" - he obviously did something wrong...

Right there!!
Jeannette helping Lilly find a particularly elusive egg.My uncle Pete couldn't be here, because he is in Las Vegas for a bowling tournament. When we came inside from the egg hunt, we realized that the tournament was televised, and there he was!
There was lots of cheering and yelling!

Then... one by one we all started realizing (or being told) that, while he was in fact in Las Vegas, THIS particular tournament was one that was filmed a couple of years ago. Then, the fun really began, as we all got to see how long it took various people to find out.
Shockingly (ha ha), my mom and Pat were the very last to find out - significantly after the fact. Good times! Stevie took the majority of the heat for the trick, though my dad and Pete were actually the masterminds (at least that's what I understand... it's impossible to know what to believe anymore).

Anyhow, here are Kendra and mom with Jeannette and Aaron - we are SO glad they came... and we sincerely apologize for ... well... just for everything. ha!
Lilly wanted to give Zac an egg, which was very sweet. She gave it to him while he napped.
After Zac woke up, he hung out with Aaron for a while.
Kay, Pat & Grandma
Steve, grandpa, Jeremy & Dad

Stevie with Lilly.

Nanette with Zac.I don't have a picture of the other BIG news story of the day...
When everyone arrived this afternoon, Lilly was napping. There was lots of talking and greeting, but we had the monitor on and didn't hear a thing from Lilly. A few minutes after everyone arrived, Lilly comes running out in her t-shirt and diaper, hair a huge mess (bed head), and a ginormous smile on her face. Super cute, and I fully thought my dad had heard her wake up and gotten her out of bed. Boy was I wrong. As it turns out, Lilly had woken up, climbed out of her playpen by herself, opened the bedroom door by herself, and came on out to join the party. Later, she showed me exactly how she had climbed out and landed on her feet. Yikes!! Looks like it's time for a big girl bed!!

Jeannette and I were brainstorming possible names for this post, based on conversations around the dinner table. A few notable suggestions:
"Bite me Snow White!"
"Apparently, my husband can nurse a baby."
"There are dead people in your church?"
"Now what's wrong with the meringue?"
And, this one came up multiple times...
"Shut up and listen!"

Ahhh... good times!
All in all, it was a great day! :)


YOUR MOM said...

AHHH Family!! It really doesn't get better than this!(actually, we were more reserved and restrained than usual!)

Suzanne said...

What a FUN posting! I'm glad you shared with me it was here today. You have such great fun with your family! Think they want to adopt another couple and child? :)

Natalie said...

I wish I had been there to overhear all those comments. They sound like a lot of fun. Looks like you had a great Easter. I think Easter can be very underrated as a cosumery holiday. Like how I just invented the word consumery? I think you and I made up for it and gave Christmas a run for it's money with baskets full of goodies for our kids.