Saturday, April 11, 2009


What a week we've had - especially yesterday! I think I'll start from last night and work my way backwards...
Around 6 pm or so yesterday, Jer's phone rang. It was a blocked ID, which he usually ignores, but this time he answered. Thank goodness he did! It was his uncle Phil (Jer's dad's brother)... who happened to be in Tucson! Him and Jan came over soon after, and we had such a nice visit with them! Here is Jer and Phil enjoying some tequila from the barrel! Yum!

Lilly quickly fell in love with Jan! Here, Jan is helping her learn how to catch her ball! So fun!
A little playtime and visiting inside...
Whoops! I think Phil may have had a bit too much of that barrel tequila!
Just kidding! This was just for fun! You should have seen Lilly's face when she saw Phil wearing her hat - it was like she wanted to be mad (cuz it is hers after all... and she's 2), but at the same time thought it was hilarious... and she was a little confused. ha!
We are SO glad they called and came over during a very quick trip through town! It was so nice to see them and visit, even for a relatively short bit. We look forward to them coming by again next time they're driving through, but we insist that they let us cook them dinner - more tequila included!!
Now, yesterday was a day off for me, which was so nice. I actually still sent both kids to daycare even though I was off. In my "guilty mom" moments, I tell myself that it was because Lilly had an Easter party and egg hunt yesterday, and I didn't want her to miss that. As true as that is, it is also true that I really really wanted a day at home to clean and do some work and even to get a pedicure... some much needed time that I haven't had since well before Zac was born!
After the kids got off to school, I picked up the house a little bit, and waited for my good friend Josh Jordan and his son, Wesley to arrive!! They were also driving through town for just one evening towards the end of their Spring Break road trip! I worked with Josh at Norwood in Sacramento, and it was SO nice to see him and Wesley! We had coffee and pastries, and just caught up on everything! Josh has taken over the AVID program that he and I worked together on when I was there, so I got to hear all about that - he is having the same issues I did, so I guess it's not just me! ha! Here they are in our backyard!
It was so nice to see them both and to catch up! The bar has been set Norwood... who will be our next visitor???
The rest of Friday was spent doing some housework, schoolwork, and a nice pedicure/lunch date with my sister! Such a nice day off, and I couldn't wait to get to my kids after their fun day at school!!
This is sometime this past week - Zac is turning into quite a reader, just like his sister. He loves it when I lay on the floor next to him and hold up a book over him to read. The also loves his bumbo chair, in this case with a book in front of him. Look at that grin!
Here are Jer and Lilly watching Charlie Brown's Easter Special... this one is for you Nana!! Lilly loved it and we let her stay up a little later that evening watching it :)

On Thursday, Lilly had a bit of a rough day at school. She fell and got her knee pretty well scraped up, then she got bit - hard - by a boy in her class. The bite was the worst of it, but it was on her back so at least she couldn't see it and "re-live" it. The knee was being re-lived Friday morning as we got ready for school. So, we had to put a band-aid on it. Then, baby doll needed a band-aid too. Here are my two little knee scrape victims.
Zac has discovered and loves this activity center from Suzanne! Look how his little legs just hang there, no where near the ground! ha!
Here is Lilly telling Zac that he has a phone call.
And, we can't leave out Ginger. Jer made a delicious smoked turkey breast last night, and even Ginger got to enjoy it! But, he made her work for it...
What a week it's been! As for me, AIMS testing is almost over - just one more day on Thursday. Whew! Also, Jer dealt with a fire in the deli this week --- in the walk-in freezer of all places. What a week!
We hope everyone has a great Easter tomorrow!


Suzanne said...

What an amazingly busy week for you all! I love how you had so many photos, like I did. It seemed like such an eventful week!

You definitely have to take Lilly to the Children's Museum. I think she'll like it too!

Zac is getting so big and Lilly is just adorable!

Natalie said...

Lilly has some great fashion sense. I'm pretty jealous of her pink skirt. The band aids are tres chic too.