Sunday, April 5, 2009


Lilly had a playdate with Soren today... which is especially nice because it's kind of like I get a "playdate" with Soren's mom, Suzanne! Lilly loves to play in sand (or dirt!), so the fact that Soren has a sandbox was a huge bonus. Soren is a little youngerr than Lilly, but SO cute!

Here is Suzanne hanging with the kids.

And Zac overseeing the adventures!
It was super cute how the kids would mostly play next to each other rather than with each other, yet they had to have their drinks at the same time and be in the same area as each other all the time.

We sure had fun! Thanks again to Suzanne and Soren for inviting us! We'll have to do it again soon!
This is a picture of Zac from this morning - he has been trying and trying to roll over from his back to his belly... and sure enough, he did it twice this evening! Why is my little boy growing up so fast?!?
So many other cute things have happened in the last week or so, and the camera either isn't around or pictures just wouldn't do it justice. Here are just a few:
*Lilly picking up her little folding chair and carrying it from group to group during yesterday's party, so that she could join in.
*Zac falling asleep in the bumbo chair - really with very little warning, just closing his eyes and taking a nap.
*Lilly playing "night night" on the couch and instructing me on how she likes her back to be patted... not rubbed, not scratched, but patted in one particular way.
*Tonight as I drank a (much needed) glass of wine, I swirled it in the glass. Lilly proceeded to "swirl" her milk sippy cup every time before taking a sip for the remainder of dinner.
*Zac giggling when I lay him down in just his diaper - and Lilly immediately insisting on taking her shirt off and laying down too!
These little things make even the tough days blessings.

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Natalie said...

Love the list of cute things. I wish we had a full time photographer following us around to capture all the little things I seem to miss. We've been trying to teach Spencer to clink the glasses and say cheers! Maybe I'll just teach him the sippy swirl instead.