Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wedding Anniversary!

Who would have guessed we'd make it to our 4th wedding anniversary?!?
Well... I guess we would have guessed it, of course! To celebrate, we went out to dinner tonight to Macaroni Grill. Alone. Without our wonderful children. Just us. Adults. It was GREAT!

Thanks again so much to my parents for watching Lilly and Zac. We got home just in time to put them to bed, which was nice. Then, Jeremy built a fire in the back and we sat and watched the stars for a few minutes.

Here is a pic from our wedding!
I love you Yager!


lady of leisure said...

Ah, 4 years is nothing! We're coming up on 6 on Sunday!!

Anonymous said...

I asked Michael last night how many years it will be on our next anniversary. I knew, of course, but I wanted confirmation that it really was remarkable. 8 years! We're getting close to taking a customary cruise for our 10th.

4 years is an accomplishment. Just think about all the celebrities that got married at the same time that are now divorced. Happy Anniversary!!