Monday, April 20, 2009

The 20th!

With Lilly & Zac both being born on the 20th of their respective birth months, it always seems fitting to make sure to post on the 20th... even if it's a bit random.

Here are some shots from today. I love the progression that these first three pictures show. Each was taken within, literally, 1 minute of the next one. First... Zac is hanging out, enjoying his swing.

1 minute later, he is quietly looking a little less satisfied.
And about 26 seconds later...
SO cute! Meanwhile, Lilly is (mostly) back to her happy self. We have been going to bed earlier, which seems to help. She did end up losing it tonight a little bit, but it was when Jeremy started getting her ready for bed, which probably reminded her that she was tired. Here she is with a book that she had been looking at.
And here she is in her new booster chair at our house. She's had a booster at my parent's for a while now, but until today she was still in a highchair at home. Jeremy and I decided to move her to a booster for a couple reasons. First, she suddenly started wanting to sit in our chairs at the table and eat. Also, we figured that this way the highchair can "go away" for a few months and then come back when Zac is ready for it - this way she doesn't think he's "kicking her out" of the highchair. Instead, she's just graduating to a big girl chair.

Finally, this picture was taken yesterday in the sunglasses that Lilly picked out.
I hope everyone's week is off to a great start :)


Natalie said...

That does make it very convenient to remember to take pictures. I always stress on the 6th to make sure I get shots of Spencer. I also have a series of 3 pictures of Spencer falling asleep in his swing. He was about the same age too. Glad to hear Lilly is slowly recovering. It's amazing how it can take up to 2 weeks to get over 1 weekend.

lady of leisure said...

I know I said this before, but I just can't get over how big Zac is getting!!

Suzanne said...

HA! Lilly looks like such a serious sunbather...."Where's that sun?" Great post!