Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Boring post, exciting life!

I'm not feeling very "inspired," which is why there has been a shortage of posts lately. Still, I have cute pictures to share. So here ya go!
I've been so lucky to spend a bit more time with my beautiful niece, Shyla, this summer. She is growing so fast, and I love being the one who is totally allowed to spoil her!

Zac is up to his normal "get sick so I get to stay home and play with mommy" antics. He had an ear infection (didn't complain, but doc found it during his well-baby appointment), which got worse when he resisted the antibiotics. So, new meds and a couple extra days with mommy. His timing, honestly, was bad. But once he started feeling better we had some serious F.U.N.
Um, except for when I was trying to get him to STOP CLIMBING ON THE FURNITURE!
Lilly and I are looking forward to a "mommy - daughter day" on Friday!

Where she may or may not bring "doggy Lilly" which, as you can tell, is Lilly wearing slippers on her hands and feet. And she barks. LOVE her imagination!

One of the greatest things about summer break is spending more time with my sis too. Isn't she amazing?!?

And here she is with her goofy husband. It takes more "takes" to get a semi-normal picture of him than it does the kids. Seriously! The face!
We went to my grandparents' house the other night for Chop Souie night. Yum! Grandma and grandpa are so wonderful!

I was TIRED this day, and it shows, but I kind of love this picture of Zac.

Boring post, but nothing boring going on in real life. Hope you're all staying cool!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ode to Lucky Wishbone!

My good friend Natalie read my blog yesterday and reminded me that I had forgotten to mention that our Father's Day Dinner was Lucky Wishbone.
What is Lucky Wishbone you ask?
Wait?!? Why do you ask that? Do you live under a rock?!?
The ONLY excuse you have for not knowing the wonderful, greasy, deliciousness of Lucky Wishbone is if you're not from around here.
(You have to say that with an old man accent... "You're not from around these parts, is ya?")
Anyhow, I apologize for my oversight! Here is lucky wishbone in all it's finest!

Lucky Wishbone consists of a few very important things.
-Steak Fingers (fried steak strips)
-Shrimp Fingers (fried shrimp)
-Chicken Fingers (fried... you get it right? Though these are not a necessity for me. Steak and shrimp... yes.)
-Lucky Wishbone Sauce (Pay extra to get tons. You'll want it)
-Toast (Thick Texas Toast, but barely toasted and drenched in butter)
-Jalepeno Poppers (Just in case you haven't had enough fried food at this point)
It. Is. Delicious.
That's all. That is my whole post for today. I love Lucky Wishbone. Oh, and they in no way compensated me for this post. Why would they need me to advertise for them on my silly blog? They are "A Tucson Tradition" after all. Still, if some fingers, sauce, toast and poppers landed on my doorstop today, I'd be a happy, happy lady. Hint hint! No? Ok...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A belated 20th


Would you believe that I posted this on the 20th, only to have aliens come down and delete it???
Ok, that didn't happen.
I've been a bad, bad blogger lately.
Thing is, I've been busy. I'll try be better.

So... the 20th! This month, the 20th was on Father's Day! Happy Father's Day to all the daddies out there!
In honor of the 20th, we tried to take a picture of the three kids together. Imagine the chaos! Here was the winner:
And, some outtakes:

Now, Father's Day. Sadly, Jeremy had to work. We were able to spend some time with him in the morninng, but this picture was from a few days earlier.

Also, sadly, my dad got a flat tire on his way back from fish camp, so he didn't make it home until Father's Day was pretty much over.
Stevie was there though! As the only father at dinner, he was asked to look "fatherly" at the cake. This is what he came up with.
And, here is Kendra showing him how to do it correctly.

I am SO lucky to have my dad as my dad. He tells me how it is and how it should be, while protecting me every step of the way. I love you dad!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

What we're up to!

So, what have we been up to since returning to AZ? SO MUCH!

First of all, it has been my week to teach summer school. The neat thing is that Kendra and I have both been teaching this week - me in the morning and her in the afternoon. Monday, as I brought the students to her, she handed off Shyla to me. I got to spend the whole afternoon with this little angel, PLUS we did a mini makeover consisting of pigtails!

Tuesday... Andrea arrived from Las Vegas! I am SO excited that she is here and we are able to catch up and hang out and just BE. 
Zac has a crush on her I think.

And Lilly LOVES her too!
Wednesday I got a call from daycare saying that Zac was sick. So Andrea and I picked him up as soon as we could after work, and kept him home today too. 
Thank goodness Andrea was here! She was able to babysit Zac, at my work, while I taught summer school. Since he was feeling so much better, we were able to bring Shyla home in the afternoon too. 
Those crazy cousins played so hard!
Tupperware is always fun!

Then, resting for a brief second.

Back to playing like crazy, this time in Andrea's bed.

I'm tired just thinking about how hard they played today!
Lilly, meanwhile, had water day at school today. Isn't she a flirt?

Kendra came over after teaching, and my mom picked up food and came over after work. We all ate El Molinito and had more playtime! 

All three kids had baths (no pictures, creepos - if you're not a creepo and want to see 'em, lemme know!), and we had some book reading and calm playtime. 
Aren't Lilly and Shyla cute?!?

I think Zac is feeling much better, and will go back to daycare tomorrow. Andrea and I get the whole day to hang out, since summer school is over! I'm very excited!

Until next time... 

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Where in the world are the Yagers?

Long post... beware!

Where in the world are the Yagers??
Right back home, where we should be!
Where have we been? Globe trotting!
Ok, I might be using the term "globe trotting" very loosely. But, the kids and I (Jeremy had to stay home to work) have been traveling! Here is a very brief run-down of our last couple weeks!

First, we went to Phoenix. Kendra and Stevie are SO generous and cashed in some of their "points" for two villas at Kierland Resort. Am I using the "cashing in" and "points" terms correctly? I don't even know. Regardless, we got to spend three nights there with them where we played, ate, swam, walked, played, whined, and laughed. A. Lot.

The cousins bathed together.

Naps were taken. Hats were worn.

Walks were taken. Laughs were shared.

Pack mules were packed. Mommies smiled.
Other highlights of the trip:
Lots of swim time including a lazy river, which Lilly wouldn't go on. I didn't dare bring my camera to anything water related.
My good friend Karen's little boy turned one - they live in Phoenix and the kids and I got to go to their party, where Zac got soaked (again!) at the water table and proceeded to smash frosting all over me. Birthday boy Tyler smashed cake into his mommy, and good times were had by all.
Mom got a flat tire on the way back from dinner, leading Lilly to YELL in the Safeway Parking lot "WILL SOMEBODY FIX MY GRANDMA'S TIRE" over and over (and over) again.
The people in the elevator who forgot to push the button, waited, and almost left when the doors opened again. I'm giggling to myself thinking about it!
A beautiful run overlooking a gorgeous golf course.

Day 4 - time to go to Sacramento!

No pictures of the flight, but you can use your imagination.
Me. Lilly. Zac. 2 huge checked bags. My purse, with laptop smashed inside. Huge carryon with snacks, toys, diapers, etc. Lilly's backpack with more toys and snacks. 1 double stroller. 1 ErgoBaby carrier. Lots of stress.
Zac = wiggle worm.
Lilly = pee pee monster.
Mommy = needing a drink.
Still, people (in general) are wonderful and understanding and helpful. We made it to Sac and were immediately greeted by Grandpa Yager!

We had such a great trip, and the pictures are still a bit unorganized, so here is a sampling.

Grandma and granpa spoil us all!
Great pictures on green, green grass.

Nana and Marg had us over one night!

We saw so many great friends!

Auntie Jenn and Uncle Jon were around as much as possible!

Goofy grandpa

Great meals and family time!

And good 'ol Zac... leaving his messy mark all over CA!

Some highlights:
Surviving the flight. Said it before, but I'm saying it again.
Stroller Strides with Kim - great workout!
Family dinners - not sure if grandma and grandpa were prepared to DUCK when Zac throws food.
Library Storytime. Enough said.
Dinner and Nana and Marg's - always a good time.
Visiting Norwood (my old school). Something so special about that place.
Sushi with Jenn! LOVE you Jenn!
BBQ in the park with friends - I love and miss you guys so much!
Shopping with Auntie Margie!
Gorgeous, and HILLY, morning runs.
Car breaking down in Vacaville :( Turned into an "adventure day," but bummed to miss the graduation party we were going to.
Pizza picnic outside.
Lake Folsom picnic.
I could go on and on.
The flight home was even longer, with a 2 hour layover in Vegas. But, we survived with wonderful memories of a great trip.
So thankful to grandma and grandpa Yager, and all of our family and friends!
If you're still reading... thanks!