Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ode to Lucky Wishbone!

My good friend Natalie read my blog yesterday and reminded me that I had forgotten to mention that our Father's Day Dinner was Lucky Wishbone.
What is Lucky Wishbone you ask?
Wait?!? Why do you ask that? Do you live under a rock?!?
The ONLY excuse you have for not knowing the wonderful, greasy, deliciousness of Lucky Wishbone is if you're not from around here.
(You have to say that with an old man accent... "You're not from around these parts, is ya?")
Anyhow, I apologize for my oversight! Here is lucky wishbone in all it's finest!

Lucky Wishbone consists of a few very important things.
-Steak Fingers (fried steak strips)
-Shrimp Fingers (fried shrimp)
-Chicken Fingers (fried... you get it right? Though these are not a necessity for me. Steak and shrimp... yes.)
-Lucky Wishbone Sauce (Pay extra to get tons. You'll want it)
-Toast (Thick Texas Toast, but barely toasted and drenched in butter)
-Jalepeno Poppers (Just in case you haven't had enough fried food at this point)
It. Is. Delicious.
That's all. That is my whole post for today. I love Lucky Wishbone. Oh, and they in no way compensated me for this post. Why would they need me to advertise for them on my silly blog? They are "A Tucson Tradition" after all. Still, if some fingers, sauce, toast and poppers landed on my doorstop today, I'd be a happy, happy lady. Hint hint! No? Ok...


Your Mom said...

THAT is my guiltiest pleasure...a real comfort food if you just don't care if that last artery is clogged!

Natalie said...

OMG! I was totally kidding. I totally love you for doing an ode to Lucky Wishbone.

I have to mention that they actually DIP the toast in melted butter. Not brush it. DIP it.

Dammit. Now I want steak and chicken fingers. Why do I live in Maricopa county?

Eileen Short said...

Ya know, I'm a native and sadly did not experience Lucky Wishbone until this! So surprised me how much I loved their steak fingers...and that spicy cocktail sauce with shrimp - to die for! Can't complain about the fries (with ranch naturally) either.
Great post!

Jess said...

you totally left out the yummy goodness that is Lucky Wishbone cole slaw!! Best in Tucson. I can easty a cup in one sitting. All this post did was make me want to run out and get lucky wishbone. yummm.

Erin = ) said...

Hahahah, even I know what Lucky Wishbone is!! Dan is always threatening to take me there, especially when I'm worried about cholesterol..he is quite the character! I'm reading this post at lunchtime, though, so holy moly, I may have to try it for the first time next time we're in AZ!!!