Saturday, July 10, 2010

A week already?!?

Um, it has been a week since I updated this blog. Sorry!
We have been busy, and I am exhausted. Yet again, this will be an update of our week with very little clever writing. Maybe one day I'll be clever again?

The 4th of July was great! The kids were decked out and had a blast.

The rest of the week flew by!
Today, we took Zac to get his very first true haircut! He actually did remarkably well for a shall-we-say very cautious and yet energetic young man. He sat on my lap and was interested but not grumpy about the things around him. He didn't love the water in the face, but otherwise things went well. And, GREAT NEWS! Turns out, he is still quite handsome under that big mop of hair he had going on!

What a handsome devil!

After the haircut (Lilly decided she didn't want one. She has never had one. I would love for her to get a trim just for the experience and I think it would help her hair be a bit more healthy and springy. But, not today) I took the kids to see Clifford The Big Red Dog at the U of A. First, we had to do some coloring.

Then, we had stories, songs, and activities for about 45 minutes, followed by a LONG line to actually meet Clifford.
Lilly loved him and Zac was interested and not at all afraid. No great pictures, but at least he wasn't screaming (Zac, that is. I didn't expect Clifford to start screaming randomly).

Next, we headed over to Kendra and Stevie's new home, into which they are in the process of moving. We played with the piano, the water table, each other, and plenty of off-limit moving stuff. It was fun and exhausting.
Ah yes, and we ate some yogurt.

What will tomorrow hold???


Natalie said...

Zac looks wonderful with his newly short hair. So handsome.

I'm sometimes annoyed by having nothing to blog about. Other times I'm grateful that I can have a life with a little down time. And other times life is so busy that blogging falls to the bottom or there is so much to blog about it's overwhelming. Funny how life it like that.

Jess said...

That hair cut makes Zac look all grown up!! I love the spikes!

Suzanne said...

Handsome is right! Funny I'm having the opposite...loving having Soren have some hair for a bit!