Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sunday Swim!

On Sunday, the kids and cousin Shyla enjoyed a nice swim. Notice the tiny swim pool? About 20 feet to the left, not shown, is a real in-ground pool. Mom and I did NOT have the energy to put on our own suits and take 3 kids "real swimming," so thank goodness for this pool. It took a little convincing, to Lilly only, but they were happy campers.... errr swimmers.... once they were in!

The 3 cousins!

Shyla didn't last long in the pool... she went exploring!

Lilly and Zac played like crazy... and WITH eachother!
(makes mommy's heart so happy!)
Time for some belly action!

Bathing beauty.

I love love love it when they play together so well! Hope you are all having a sunny, swimmy, smilie summer like we are!


Natalie said...

So cute. Spencer hasn't been able to go swimming because of the stitches. Those came out today though and I'm hankering to get in a pool. With you. And your kids. And Laura and Karen. And their kids. And all our hubbies. Good thing that's happening soon. :)

Suzanne said...

So cute! I was going to get a "pool" this "summer" (our 6 weeks) too, but it flew by and it seemed I rarely even had Soren!