Monday, March 9, 2009


Just an update on how Lilly is handling being a big sister. She is mommy's little helper for sure!! Now, many times her helping requires extra attention or at least supervision on our parts - for example, her helping put the toy bar on Zac's bouncy chair could have resulted in injuries from said toy bar. But, her intentions are good. This was just today... she's wearing her new "good girl headband" that she got just for being such a good girl lately.

This is one of many current favorites of Zac. Look at those eyes and that flirty little smile!!

This is yesterday - Lilly was handing Zac a toy to play with.
Just a silly picture of my two little angels.

And Lilly yesterday morning eating her pancakes.
I am so lucky for so many reasons, including Lilly's helping and loving attitude towards her brother. As for him, he could stare and stare at her all day, if she'd sit still long enough.
Wishing everyone a great week!!


Suzanne said...

What beautiful little kiddos you have! You are very lucky and I'm so happy you have these two weeks to spend with them! We'll see you soon!

Natalie said...

Such cuties. Enjoy your time home with them.