Friday, March 13, 2009


Here is my first attempt at posting a video. Let me know if it works or if it slows everything down too much!

Zac was having a great time the other day, giggling and laughing. You'll need sound... ha, then you'll have to hear my rather annoying prompting for the giggles too. But, I think it's worth it!


Then, here are the kids playing...

And Lilly helping with Zac's bottle... this time, she really did hold it in the right spot for a few minutes! Zac just loves to stare at her!

And here she is, shielding her eyes from the paparazzi!

And, my smiling little man!


Mary & Dave said...

Chelsea, the video was so cute! You did a great job! Thanks, we love it. Mary and Dave

Jennifer Yager said...

I love the pictures and the video, Chels! Lilly looks like she is such a great big sister and helper. Zac is such a lucky brother. :-) Miss you all!!!