Saturday, November 6, 2010

Just another day in paradise

Just a quick post, because I don't always put pics up here as much as I should. Today I participated in the CATwalk 10k, where two big things happened.
First, the kids had what I believe is their first experience with teenage babysitting. I "hired" two teenage girls from my school (and related to my AP) to watch the kids, at the U of A while I ran. The girls were pros and the kids had a blast.
Second, the kids got to see Wilma again! I LOVE that Zac isn't as afraid of huge dressed up animals as he used to be. Wait, is that a good thing? Regardless, they were so excited!

Then, we came home and had lunch. I let the kids eat at their play table.
Then, off to nap.
That is all.


Kendra Forgacs said...

Fun day! The girls looked like pros with the kids. I like how they carried them down to shoot when you were finishing. Not as many people out there this year though, it seemed.

Did you eat at the little table too?

Erin = ) said...

Only good things can come from adults dressed in animal costumes..right?! Seeing as I can barely keep my eyelids open at the moment, my favorite part of this post was not the 10K (good for you!) but rather, the nap part...can I come and live with you and take naps??