Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Part 2

Yep, that title definitely sounds like a horror movie.
So, here are a whole plethora of pics from Friday's Halloween Festvial at school and Halloween night. For a chuckle and a run down of the costume making process, check out Vicarious Chelsea by clicking HERE. (Bonus? Stevie and my dad dressed up, and their pics are there too)

Halloween Festival: We really {really} tried to get a good picture of Pebbles and Bam Bam together.

Key word? Tried.
"Dora" won some cupcakes at the cake walk, under uncle Stevie's leadership. Stevie won the rest of the cakes, I believe. Seriously. He won a lot.
Yep, we actually let Zac play with a club, and we lived to talk about it.

Saturday, we didn't dress up. Instead, we just hammed it up for the camera.

I LOVE this pic of them playing together.

Sunday? Back to costumes. We had the traditional dinner and cul-de-sac party at my parents' house, complete with trick or treating and plenty of goodies.

I even got to meet baby Sadie, Beth's teeny tiny baby girl. Adorable!

All in all it was a great time!


Natalie said...

There was a funny scene involving a club on Desperate Housewives this week. I just flashed back to it. It was much more violent than what it appears Zac did with his club (hopefully).

Erin = ) said...

I love the pic of Zac with the club...soooo funny!

Karen said...

I would say your craftiness turned out pretty well!

Megan said...

I love the fun!