Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010 - part one!

When I sat down to post about Halloween, I realized that there is just too much for one post. So, I'm splitting it into two (or three!) separate posts.
Part one - Pumpkin carving!
Last weekend we went to Buckalew Farms to get pumpkins! Kendra, Stevie and I ran a 5K first, then it was time to hit the pumpkin patch!

We picked out two perfect pumpkins. Then, this past week, it was time for some serious carving. This is all daddy's department, and the kids were excited to help.

Zac was especially fond of getting messy.

Lilly had to take a ballerina break.

WOW dada!

Pumpkin carving success!

I love watching Jeremy show off his mad pumpkin carvin' skills with the kiddos.
Stay tuned for Halloween part 2 (sounds like a Horror movie doesn't it. Wait, I think it is a horror movie. I promise the only thing scary about the next Halloween post is the poor photography).


Natalie said...

I love how you just casually throw in that you ran a 5K before picking out a pumpkin. As if it was the same as stopping for a coffee before.

I love any pumpkin carving that includes a ballerina break. There's really no other way to do it.

Your MOM said...

Great pumpkin how my grand kids have their own twist on the process

Erin = ) said...

1) Love the ballerina break, so totally necessary.
2) Love the most excellent carved pumpkins...if Dan and I can manage at least one or two cut-outs of some shape, and finish the project without cutting ourselves, we consider it a success, so truly, Jeremy is a pro!
3) Love Zac and Shyla's Halloween costumes (from Kendra's page) SO CUTE!
4) Love the idea of an embarrasing audition tape for your blog contest -- you can bet a pretty penny I'll be voting every day!