Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Won't you vote for me?

So, I have never asked friends, readers, or followers to vote for me. For anything. I never even ran for student council, or homecoming, or anything.

Wait, I may have ran for student council once, but it was in grade school so it doesn't count. Right?

Anyhow... for fun I decided to put my name in to win a blogging gig. It's called the Good Mood Gig, and I would get paid (squeeeeee) to blog for six months. I tend to look at the positive side of things more often than not and, once I've had my coffee, am usually in a good mood. I think I'd really enjoy this gig!

So... if you're not too busy to click HERE and then click vote, I would really appreciate it. Yep, it requires a grand total of TWO clicks of your mouse. Oh, but you can vote every single day until November 10.

Oh, and if I'm in the top 20, then I have to get to make a video as part of my application. And it will be posted online. Isn't the possible embarrassment reason enough for you to take the time to click that mouse twice? Yeah, I thought so.

Ok... in case you don't want to scroll back up (because, after all, I promised only two clicks. No scrolling), HERE is the link again.

Thank you!!!!!


Mary yager said...

I voted for you Chelsea. You're looking good!

Your MOM said...

I've voted each day and tried to cheat by voting more but the dang computer is too smart and I get busted!!! Good Luck Honey!