Friday, October 22, 2010

The 20th!

Happy 20th!!!
What? It's not the 20th? It's the 22nd already!!! Well, this post was supposed to go out two days ago... forgive me?

A couple of days ago we had a playdate with Aubrey, since we missed her birthday party while we were in Disneyland. These two girls don't have any fun together at all, do they?
On the 20th (the true 20th), I always try to take a pic of Lilly and Zackary together. Not an easy feat these days.
So, I figure I'll get a pic of just him. Sadly, he does NOT sit still long enough to look at the camera! (Especially when he has a truck book near by. Remember the dino books? He's forgotten all about them for now. Now, we're all about trucks)
Ha! So I'll get a pic while he sleeps! Seriously... look at that face!
And I love that he commonly sleeps with one or two feet outside of the crib. *love*
Happy 20th to Shyla May too, of course!

The kids and I are having movie/game night tonight while Jer is at work. Can't wait!

Oh, and my marathon? It rocked. Well, it was HARD but it also rocked. I put up a post or two about it on my other blog... and I'm posting some cute "Lillyisms" tonight (grandma and grandpa Yager especially should check it this one out! So... head on over ... VICARIOUS CHELSEA and scroll through the latest posts.


Your Mom said...

Well finally the 20th is acknowlegded! :)

Natalie said...

I love that every kid has their own little sleeping quirks. I often find Spencer with his leg up on the headboard.

One of my friends recently announced her pregnancy. She's due March 20th. If the baby is born on his/her due date I'll know 5 kids with b-days on the 20th. Too cool.